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Streaming tonight

Probably going to stream tonight around 6 GMT if anyone is interested. - Coding - Music - No talking/just text - Butts
17/02/2017 12:02

Streaming now...

Im working on creating page shop item customisation forms... wow thats a mouthful, if anyone is interested, or not doing it anyway if you want to join and watch/chat(text only). Will have music on otherwise it will be even more boring so deal with my taste of music. anyways... https://picarto.tv...
03/02/2017 20:44
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Going to attempt first stream

Okay so i'm going to try a coding stream tomorrow at 12:00 (GMT) just to see if it works and how it goes. Probably boring for people but if your interested :3 Music/No talking/Butts
29/12/2016 20:56
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Coding stream or something?

Ive been wondering about this for a while, would anyone be interested in a coding stream while working on shops. Never done a stream before so have no idea, will probably just be no talking with music while working and answer questions or something?? Anywayssss, comment what you think about it
24/12/2016 21:13
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I might be creating a monster

Because reasons and fun
03/12/2016 13:10
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Random ideas

Does anyone know anyone that is good at making hardware prototypes? Got a idea for something that involves - Small screen, probably OLED - Interfaces over bluetooth / NFC for other devices - Able to load and render web content So like a android phone but everything stripped down for power and si...
25/05/2016 05:35

Furiffic sprint

Im on a Furiffic late night coding sprint, lets see how much of pages can i get completed before i fall asleep. 7pm - 10pm < 9pm - Wide eyed and fluffed up 10pm - 1am < 1am - general pages - 95% complete, page managment - 80% complete (just need to add page notifications), a little sleepy 1am - ...
05/02/2016 19:46
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Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone, hope 2016 brings good things to everyone. Side note, if you want to see how Furiffic has been in 2015, and cast your vote the next core feature click here
31/12/2015 23:53

Furiffic Raffle

If you fancy a chance to be in the next Furiffic banner then hop on over to https://www.furiffic.com/Greifenherz/view/34803 {/Greifenherz/view/34803} for more details. Its super simple to enter so why not =:3
01/11/2015 12:47

A meme thing

A - Age: 23 B - Biggest Fear: Needles C - Current Time: 10.10am D - Drink you last had or having: Water E - Easiest person to talk to: My flufflebutt F - Favourite Song: lots, changes from day to day G - Ghosts, are they real: Dont believe one way or the other H - Heritage: English. Just English....
14/10/2015 07:19
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Minecraft server?

Would anyone be interested in playing on a whitelisted ftb infinity 1.7 server? https://feedthebeast.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PML/Infinity+1.7 {https://feedthebeast.atlassian.net/wiki/display/PML/Infinity+1.7} if theres a few people interested that would not go inactive after a few days then i ...
09/08/2015 10:47
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10,000 Submissions and 2,000 Members

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ A big thank you to everyone that has joined Furiffic as we have now hit 2,000 Members and had 10,000 Submissions uploaded. This is still a small stepping stone so dont be afraid to share the love and tell your friends/watchers about Furiffic as we have some more...
08/08/2015 09:31

Sleepy and derp log

Heya everyone, im going to be calling it for tonight, so here is a quick list of what has been fixed ready for a update in a few days https://www.furiffic.com/bun/view/11530 {/bun/view/11530} Dev Derp Log *Clicks on someones featured picture* ... Permission denied ... WTF, I wrote the bloody si...
20/07/2015 21:07

No hot water... want bath... its kettle time

Annoyingly the hot water heater broke a few days ago and the gas man doesnt come till tomorrow. I can go on any longer, I need a nice hot bath. Mr Kettle is here to save the day. and Ms Kettle, Kettle Jr, Ant Kettle, Uncle Kettle, ... ahhh this is going to take a lot of kettles.
19/07/2015 07:21

Sleepy and excited

I wish all the new members a warm welcome to Furiffic, I am excited to see you all join and would love to chat to every one of you at some point in time. Buttt... *giggles* butts <I'm so mature> It is getting late 00:25am, so I will have to see all you tomorrow <I pick the best times to invite ne...
16/07/2015 22:22


Were here at CFz15 =:3 MINI Diary Day 0 Theo and I arrived around 3am shortly after we started on the drinks then a few hours of suiting, sooo many pictures being taken already Day 1 comming soon... Forgot to do last night Day 2 woke up early by Theos annoying alarm at 7 which he refused to wa...
23/05/2015 22:57
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Cupcakes and bunnies

Hope everyone had a good easter and didn't eat there chockies early like me *giggles* not my fault there just so yummy =:3 Now that thats out the way its time for the main topic of cupcakes. just nom nom nom nom yummy cupcakes <3 there needs to be a cupcake holiday
08/04/2015 16:02

I am the cupcake queen

Yussies i am the cupcake queen *giggles* anyways ive been keeping busy with Furiffic, just been rewriting the the receiving messages so that its no longer long polling but will be event stream. This is the first part of the step towards push notifications for the site and the as of so far unspoke...
09/02/2015 18:41

The first journal

Heya there, heres the first journal on Furiffic.
17/07/2014 20:50