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Heya all heres a preview of the new uploading system 

Quick change list

 - Back to a single page for uploading/publishing

 - Able to publish selected items only and leave others in the queue

 - Able to quickly schedule all/selected items to publish over a set interval

 - Easier bulk editing of all/selected items for only select parts of the items

 - All items are on the same page as before

 - Doesnt lag (on tested devices) with up to 500 items

 - Lag is bearable with more than 500 items as it kick into performance mode, but will probably still lag a bit at around 2000 items but serisouly think of the time it would save you for uploading all those manually.

Tea · 17/05/2017 07:17 · 3 Replies


Bun Fluffpaws · 17/05/2017 07:23

Your gay 

Tea · 17/05/2017 16:38


Bun Fluffpaws · 17/05/2017 21:41

But im Tea's gay

Meats · 17/05/2017 07:47

deff like it all being one page, look forward to the update

Colliefan · 17/05/2017 09:24 · 2 Replies

Useful feature, rather than carpet bombing the site with uploads you can drip feed them over time so more people can get main page time and yours gets longer too.

Bun Fluffpaws · 17/05/2017 09:31

Yeh, its available currently but you have to set the date/time per item.
I might put a notice about that if you have more than 50 items that its a good idea to schedule them over time to increase coverage

Colliefan · 17/05/2017 09:37

Good idea.

One of my pet peeves on sites like SF is some people carpet bomb the main page pushing other people off when they haven't had that long on it.

Niels · 17/05/2017 12:09

This looks really good. Will definetly put more effort in being active on here once i've got time to do commission work again. This website is very useful for artists selling their art and only becoming better by each update. keep up the good work!!

Tea · 17/05/2017 16:38

Yes you are ♥ 

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