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New, improved, and prettier!!
Gonna be redoing her outfits here shortly as well, but until then here's a link to the old outfit chart.
I'll be using the same outfits, but I'll redraw this to look prettier too!

Moon V. Ó Laighin (last name subject to change)
Age undefined
Bigender (he/she)
Female biology
Personality: mischevious, short tempered, punk stereotype, bit of an asshole, sarcastic. Personality can be compared to character "Deadpool"
Bio: Moon's as cliche as they come, right down to unrealistic abilities, a common name, and being a wolf with wings. Hers being the ability to materialize sound waves, moving them so quickly they cut on contact. She has low control of where they go, and they're similar to lightning when materialized fully, typically coming from her hands so she uses them like whips. Darius Major has utilized her abilities in order to create a metal rod specially designed to provide her the ability to control the waves, making her able to turn the pole into a scythe, spear, sword, or twist the center to detach it into two smaller poles and have more stable whips or daggers.
See: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26782820/

Story: *in the works*

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