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Hello! I'm Cal, or Cate. I'm an art student, I'm androgynous, and of course a furry! I'm a fox from the urban jungle of Michigan and I can't spell worth a damn CX I am Wiccan and a therian and polyamorous CX my Mate is a red panda so if you see a fox and a red panda in my art, thats probably us XD I dont know what else to say XD imma nerd and love Harry Potter and Anne Rice's books. if you every wanna chat or ask questions, feel free to message me or whatnot. i only bite if you ask nicely ;)


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Alfie wolf

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Bran posted to Calcicate

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Heya c: Thanks for the sub!

Calcicate ยท 01/12/2016 18:54

music is cool and foreign to me so i really appreciate people who write their own!

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