Odysseus the Wolf
Ty Wolvington! · 10/11/2016 06:39 · 1 Reply

Howl, my friend! Ty Wolvington here! Do you remember me? Anyway, just looking at this pic you call "Golden Hoof". I just started to get into MLP and through simple imagination, invented my own! And his surname is SilverHoof! How close! BTW- I love MLP( the new ones).....

Odysseus · 10/11/2016 20:08

the new ones are pretty good. My favourite ep would have to be season 5 finally

Ty Wolvington! · 22/11/2016 03:56

Howl! It's been a bit, but this wolf is still howling! Work and holidays taking a lot of my time. Haven't forgotten you! FYI- Going through a huge MLP marathon on DVR! Holy moly! They are hilarious! AppleJack will always be my favorite, but Pinky Pie cracks me the f**k up! She's so stupid and still the most fun!....

Odysseus · 22/11/2016 04:14

i must say, i do feel the most like AJ in regards to work but feel more towards pibkie

Odysseus · 22/11/2016 04:14

* pinkie pie or RD

Ty Wolvington! · 22/11/2016 04:20

RD! Ha! My work buddy has recently adopted RD as his own! Totally cool cuz' RD and AJ are really good friends! Like BFF!....Hey! Have you gotten a chance to catch the "MLP- Cursing Ponies" videos on YouTube? Freaking hilarious!!!

Odysseus · 22/11/2016 04:54

no, i haven't. I'll have to check them ouy

Ty Wolvington! · 22/11/2016 05:03

Please do so! The one with Discord is fall down funny!

Odysseus · 22/11/2016 05:27

will do

Ty Wolvington! · 22/11/2016 05:32

I have to go....but, like I said, Ty is always around! Thank you for sharing my MLP love! I WILL be back on here! Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! See ya VERY soon!!!! Later!!!

Odysseus · 22/11/2016 06:37

saddly we do not have thanks giving here (australia) bit we deffinitly need more public holidays (and less heat

Susy · 18/12/2016 12:03 · 1 Reply

Im just here reading this saying...... MLP for the win.......

Odysseus · 18/12/2016 12:43


Susy · 19/12/2016 13:17 · 2 Replies

You have a cool oc. I dont even have art of my oc. ;-; golden hoof is cool...

Odysseus · 20/12/2016 13:31

he's just the pony version of me

Susy · 20/12/2016 15:21

Oh ok. Hes still cool.

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