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What I would Do if I could do anything? Write about you.

You see a massive sleeping green dragon sprawled out before you. It is under a green tarp stretched on top of poles over a football field.
You are on the beach in front of a group of vacant beach condos on stilts. They are on a small island, a sand bar of a size. The beach is behind and all around. The condos are set back on one side of the beach reaching the tallest height. It is sunny, warm, and the tide is out. The waves lightly lap the beach.
More tarps over poles are setup under one next to the dragon. Under a set of them is a mew, an eevee, a snorlax, and a mudkip. They are cuddled by a sleeping jackalope that is laying down on beach towels.
A pregnant bear lays against the snorlax looking on a cell phone. A fat ginger cat is laying against the dragon with a Samoyed and a snake naga. That is, a half snake on the upper portion but humanoid as in its a serpent person and the rest of its body is a longer snake. It has a black diamond pattern red on black with its scales.

Do you:
Approach the massive sleeping green dragon (Go to: [url=[url=][/url]]][/url][/url]
Approach the sleeping jackalope and pokemon (Go to: [url=[url=][/url]]][/url][/url]
Approach the snorlax and pregnant bear (Go to: [url=[url=][/url]]][/url][/url]
Ask what the h*** this is? (Go to: [url=[url=][/url]]][/url][/url]

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About Me and my New Profile

I am using "What I would do if I could do anything? Write about you," series as my profile on websites with the premise of: As you get to know me, I will get to know you because I don't mind knowing folks especially if we have similar interests
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What I would Do if I could do anything?

What I would Do if I could do anything? Write about you
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Cardia John Scott

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