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Most of the time I sit here thinking of something fancy to say to the people around me. Oftentimes, it comes out as something altogether weird, I must say. Usually I listen to video game music when I am not doing writing. It is then (when I concentrate on my serious things like writing) that I turn off the distractions so that I can concentrate. Seriously, what am I doing here and with my life. Is it here that I want to reach out and touch someone. I am glad that the universe is an absolute. It don't care whether we do this or that. What we have to consider is that the universe has its limits so while it doesn't care, it is not all giving. And what really messes with my mind and maybe yours is that the universe in and of itself does have those limits and all the best intentions of making someone or something better doesn't really matter in all in the universe. See, I had something more profound to say there. But I am content at this very point of this very moment and this very time that whether a God or Gods rule of this universe in fact it doesn't really matter. I mean, I don't really matter and I am content in that. I will do what I will. I will live by what means that I can live by. This is how I spend my five minutes of my time. No, it is all well and good, but when it comes out and down to it, I just crave to reach out and to touch someone. No, not even in that way. What you mean? Ha now as this five minutes of my life dwindles to a close I shall take the time to say something political. Uh, what does it matter, honestly? Unless you have the power?


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Weekly Update 1/12/2020

Yesterday, I took a day off since we worked Saturday and didn't do much except Crock-Pot cooking, watching Monty Python flying circus, YouTube biographies, geographics and minor exercises. I I have been working on meditations. They essentially are a bit of self programming for me so I don't do st...
2 weeks ago

Seeking New Friends

I would like to thank each and ever one of you that has been my friend. I do hope you are well and things are going well for you. Another friend of mine says that it is good to be honest with others. So, I will exercise that bit of honesty. Please remember that I really really appreciate all of m...
3 weeks ago


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