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Weekly Update 9/8/2019

Published: 6 months ago

Let's see. This week was a shorter work week because I had a four day weekend. I didn't get paid for tuesday but got paid for Labor day. I played video games for those two days.

I figure to put writing, drawing, games, and such hobbies on the back burner again. Just today I read an article from CNBC that talked about things some self made millionaires said they did to get where they were. One of the suggestions is a high paying job such as in sales, marketing, and copywriting. I will be looking into copywriting as it looks like a better bridge with an english degree and a dual major.

I missed my friend's mothers funeral. I thought a text read 12 noon when it really read 10am. I got up early and got some dress clothes from salvation army and showed up. They were mostly all gone and done by then. That's great.

I bid for several Assistant Team Leader positions at work in my department. Maybe I will get one of them coming up.

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