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Weekly Update 1/12/2020

Published: 4 months ago

Yesterday, I took a day off since we worked Saturday and didn't do much except Crock-Pot cooking, watching Monty Python flying circus, YouTube biographies, geographics and minor exercises. I I have been working on meditations. They essentially are a bit of self programming for me so I don't do stuff like quit or spend too much money or backpedal on my physical health. Doing a full thirty minutes of quieting my mind may take more time. I've been impatient but nevermind what I said before about weeding out my friends and family circle. But if I don't respond too you how you would like, please be patient with me on this journey of my life. I am spending as much time as I can here on out on these mental exercises and meditations. It is at the core of correcting many of my problems past and present with my mental health. Hope all is well with everyone.

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