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I have my updates grouped to include a guest story section. Some of these stories are stories I have already written and/or that I want to rewrite.
Some people I have approached do not appear to be interested in having a re-write and I also have my policy of not wanting to write with someones OC or Sona without having them RP it. However, not everyone is comfortable with RP. In this case, I will make a totally new story and have you, the readers, comment in saying what should happen next in the story.

This will go accordingly with the rules below:

Rule 1: Patreon, Kofi, Subscribstar, etc. subscribers may get priority over non subscribers.
Rule 2: Please keep to the story theme/ story type.
Rule 3: Please keep to the setting theme.
Rule 4: First person to comment directs what goes on next in the story
Rule 5: Keep it within the site's aup and/or content policies and applicable legalities
Rule 6: The word count minimum must be reached before the story can be concluded by suggestion.
Rule 7: No death of the main character allowed.
Rule 8: Keep it within the maturity rating set.
Rule 9: The character's speciesm, if it is not already set by me, can be set by the first commenter in the first part of the story or I can randomly set it if specified.
Rule 10: The story will remain open to add to until the minimum word count.
Rule 11: Once the maximum word count is reached, if the story is still going on I will conclude it.
Rule 12: Other rules as specified in the story post. Posted using PostyBirb

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