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(note thing: if u wanna talk about /anything/, cause I don't have a life and I love talking a lot, hit me up broh! note/comment is chill, I'll note kik or skype if so desired but I'd prefer talkin through here first, u feel me?)


I draw monsters, most of which I make but sometimes fanart! (if it's fanart, usually pokemon). however, I really just like drawing about anything. pixel art is also a big thing of mine, just not something I've uploaded very much.

I enjoy very bold, brash drawings with detailed and thick linework, and super bright (and good use of!) colour. also, abstract/psychedelic things are my jam, broh 8)

current things I'm practicing offscreen are human anatomy, character design, robots/mechs, still life, and scenery. (aka. a LOT).

if u wanna kno somethin' about my art, ask! if u wanna do an art trade/collab/commission type that I haven't uploaded, also ask! the absolute worst that can happen is I say, "nah, sorry bout that broh."

I'll update this later with other places to find me. apologies!


more my interests are on the tab on dA. but some things:
I read nonfiction stuff, usually on art/science. play lotta games, mainly pokemon and digimon series. current tv show and huge obsession is rick and morty save me.

call me cereal! or c-real, ash-cash, callie/cal/cala, cerelia, or bird queen/nerd. if you really want, add to this list of nicknames. people give me a lot.

I'm in high school right now and also a young sap. fav subjects are art and science, (especially biology!), and that's where I'd like to pursue a career too. (preferably in art)

I'm vry picky and a huge critic, really. like, with video games, as much as I love them, I spend about 5x more time analyzing them and talking about them than actually playing any.

not sure what else to put. anything else u wanna kno, don't be afraid to ask. peace!


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hey i abandoned every site besides my dA but i decided i'd return ill post stuff approx. once a day until all my old stuff is up here. ALSO: if i watch u on dA, i'll probably respond to your stuff there. just so i have a singular main site. thanks to like the 2 people who follow me -cereal
16/05/2016 21:20


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