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Male · Wolf · Asexual · Taurus
Role-playing No
Nicknames ZeeZee, Zee, Puppy, Buddy, Bud, Big guy
Zero is very quiet and shy, and has anxiety and depression. He prefers to spend his time at home ...
by Blood-wolf · 10/04/2016 11:40


Male · Wolf · Pansexual · Capricorn
Role-playing Yes
Ark has emerald green eyes, gray fur and black hands/paws. He wears a cobalt blue hoodie, a white...
by Alpha · 4 months ago


Herm · Snake · Pansexual ·
Role-playing No
I can be any size any shape and any weight. I can be any color I want. that includes the naug...
by Afteel Nifty · 30/01/2016 09:59

Malcolm Lompur

Male · Lime green husky · Bisexual · Sagittarius
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Chief, Boss, Deadmeat, Clone #144
Malcolm Lompur is the unusually depressed Chief of Security for , and while he gets killed freque...
by Terri Mouse · 09/01/2020 01:05


Transgender · Wolf · Asexual · Cancer
Role-playing No
Nicknames Rors, Alex, Al, Swiss
NottVarg's fursona.
by Rory · 16/07/2017 11:44


Male · African/chinese goose · Heterosexual · Virgo
Role-playing No
Nicknames Adi
Adin is a Junior in highschool who has recently suffered a death in his family. The people at sch...
by Katelynne Moore · 21/05/2016 04:33