Libby Airspinner the Pegasus is feeling Sleepy
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Happy Birthday!

At the time of this journal, i have turned 25! come and wish me a happy birfday!
10/10/2015 12:28
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Tomorrow is a very special day for this horse!

it my 25th birthday!!!!! i have survived 1/4 of my life! here is to the rest of my life
09/10/2015 12:33

only 8 days to go!

i am so hyped for my birthday this month! hope i get TONS of gifts/Fanarts
02/10/2015 17:13
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Happy first day of fall!

i am so hyped for my birthday in 17 days (as of the writing of this journal) when i turn 25. i can be as raunchy and kinky as possible!
23/09/2015 13:05

updated icon

apologies to anyone that gets offended by my new icon. i am a nsfw art enthusiast so most of the art in my gallery gets very naughty if you turn on your mature filter. please tread carefuly in my page. Libby
19/09/2015 19:40
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Possible asking for b-day arts

This sexy horse's birthday is coming up on october 10th and i was hoping to ask a few kind furs to draw up some random things in honor of me turning the big 2-5! if you happen to want to draw Libby or her brother Libra, let me know and we can discuss ideas, or if you wanna keep it a secret until ...
18/09/2015 18:57

wanna find out who made what in my gallery?

just search on fa using the Creator's name and then put chubeko4 and BOOM! you can see who made it!
17/09/2015 18:52
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personal wish

I wish there was a way to mass copy all my FA submissions to here without having to do things manually
17/09/2015 17:52

FA Arts

since most of my stoof Comes from FA, i might just let the uploader keep the titles as is since they show who made the original arts
17/09/2015 15:31
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Such a hassle

i have to re-upload almost 900 submissions here and i only just scratched the surface of my folder ;3; this is gonna be a looooong process
17/09/2015 14:47
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Greetings from new user

I am transferring some of my stuff from Furaffinity to here because it has recently gotten too much to handle over there, but i am still going to be there for a few good people. i am slowly uploading everything i have so it might be a while until i get everything over here so if you suddenly see ...
17/09/2015 12:09