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Hello! If you found this; this is my art profile that may contain NSFW stuff!


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The Big OC-a-thon!

I am giving away *ALL* of my old Fan and Original Characters! Please read on for how to claim!
10/11/2015 17:27


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09/02/2016 08:47

Zena Crypt

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Nicknames Zepa (Her secret half)
Zena is a 11-year-old Female who was born with a defect causing her to have both her and her unbo...
20/12/2015 00:49


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David Zamora

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Justin Tumblesworth posted to CrinklyCosi

09/04/2017 23:41

Is there a way to private message? I wanna rp with you.

CrinklyCosi · 10/04/2017 00:29

Click the More button on the top of the profile page and then Messages.

But sorry, I don't really RP anymore and I don't know who you are either.

CrinklyCosi posted

28/03/2016 13:45

Any US members should join the US Group!

CrinklyCosi posted

20/12/2015 00:35

Oh and I rebranded my profile with my real name!

CrinklyCosi posted

20/12/2015 00:22

Sorry for the lack of new content! I have been busy around this time of year :D

I also moved Dakko/Aurora's bios to the new character system!

I hope you guys have a great holiday season!

CrinklyCosi posted

13/11/2015 10:02

I have uploaded Part 2 of my story! Find it here on my profile!

CrinklyCosi posted

26/10/2015 04:42

I found some lost photos that I only had a thumbnail for!! Time to update them with Higher Quality versions! :)

CrinklyCosi posted

09/09/2015 01:32

Note on Submissions!

I just joined today so I am still setting stuff up, but you may notice that most of my art is human (not furry). If you are worried, don’t because I just haven’t gotten around to upload some! =P

Here’s a small guide on what will be coming eventually!


- Animaniacs

    - Ihave two main characters (Aurora and Dakko), gender-bent versions of them (Auroro and Dakka), and two NSFW exclusives (Brandon and Clarity)

- Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, and more human

    - No characters yet for those two shows but Cosmcala’s design was inspired by their art style.

- Sonic

    - I am not into Sonic much anymore, but I do have a big backlog of characters that I will re-upload!


I don’t do many but I definitely have to write the full back story of Cosmcala! I also will be uploading some old backlogs if I can find them (my old accounts got erased without a backup =’()


Most likely not happening.

Madeline posted to CrinklyCosi

09/09/2015 01:05

 Thankies for the sub!

CrinklyCosi · 09/09/2015 03:06

 *giggles* No Pwoblem!

Moonshot posted to CrinklyCosi

08/09/2015 12:22

Thanks for subbing! *gives you a toy firetruck *

CrinklyCosi · 08/09/2015 14:45

Twankies! *giggles*