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So while I was RPing with my friend, we needed a character for the plot we had planned already. So I came up with this fella!

His name is Mipper Mouse (very creative right /s) and he has brick-red fur and emerald-green eyes. He's a 2-year-old boy but since he is a mouse, his build is more like a 2-month-old. He was potty trained but after his parents dying a week apart (First the mom by drowning and then his Dad from a bombing at a new job he started that night), he started to have nightmares and now needs a diaper overnight because the nightmares "scare the shit out of him".

The first night of his dad's new job, he is taken to a new daycare that just opened (run by my friends character) and he lives there now with her because of his dad's death.

In other news, this is the first drawing I have done digitally that has a decent pose (instead of forward facing) without a base or reference!

Character belongs to me.

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