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So there's this really amazing artist named Tenerius' who made this awesome sketch of Mabel from Gravity Falls.Since he allows people to color them and share them (as long as you give credit), I did that plus some!

First, I vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator CC. This allows me to resize it without quality degrade! The major decision here was if I cleaned it up perfectly or kept the rough sketchy look. I decided to do the sketch style.

Second, I colored it by pulling the colors from official art and using Cartoon Network's Check It color scheme for her sweater, diaper, and booties.

Lastly, I gave it a Gravity Falls background (My #ProjectFALLS Wall!), blurred it, and applied a drop shadow on Mabel for her to stand out!

This was really fun to do and I may do it with more of their sketches! ^_^

Original Sketch by Tenerius

Vector Line Art, Background, and Final Image by Me

Gravity Falls belongs to Disney and Alex Hirsch

Mystery Tyke AU by HackeySlackey

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