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Enjoying the site

Published: 2 months ago

I hope this site picks up more! I really like the UI and design. Everything feels like it works well too.

Will be doing streams more frequently in the next few weeks so stay tuned for new content! ♥

We appreciate every follow as well any other support you guys give us, and we simply cannot thank you all enough!

If you would like to further support us, any feedback or criticism is greatly appreciated and will help us grow as a game studio.
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Terri Mouse · 2 months ago

Have to admit, despite not being on here for very long, I'm pretty impressed with the UI, myself, as well as some of the features. I love the fact that there's a specific entry for being able to post your characters; so far, I think this is honestly the first site I've seen that does that, and I love it!

cwzstudios · 2 months ago · 1 Reply

Ya, I agree, definitely a nice feature having the character posts. I really hope the site does well, I'm going to do my best to advertise and get more members flowing through here.

Terri Mouse · 2 months ago

I actually came here because I heard someone else was "checking the site out" elsewhere, and decided to peek in. Now I'm here, I've got my own page and I might start using this as my main furry art archive rather than FA!

Been needing a replacement, in any case.

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