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Heya owo


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Hello! :D

Hello everyone, I made an account here too! Hope u like my gallery ovo
22/05/2016 19:39


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FantasyKatt21 posted to diives

02/01/2019 19:49

I love all of your characters and I hope you like mine as soon as i upload some characters of mine. 

Hidey hidey hidey ho! 

Kainsword17 posted to diives

18/06/2017 09:59

I do like your artwrok

Bell The Wolf posted to diives

24/12/2016 02:21

i have a friend should i help them with there art

JermaineJDragon32 posted to diives

30/07/2016 12:36

Hey I was wondering, do you charge for these?~ :-3

diives · 01/09/2016 22:25

Yeah, prices are just here c:

Low Swing! posted to diives

04/07/2016 02:53

Really loved the icon though!

diives · 26/07/2016 01:59

Thankyou :D

Low Swing! posted to diives

04/07/2016 02:53

+1 sub!

diives · 26/07/2016 01:57

Thanks :D

Tundra posted to diives

03/07/2016 12:46

I wish i could commision an icon from you but i haz no money(lolz

... Im 11 yo, dat why i gat no moneh) your animations are marvellous!! Very stunning. So smooth and well detailed. Amazing. Mabey when im older i can get one of casy(my fluffy dragon fursona, the pic on my profile) soz i talk/type to much. I just wanted to say your the best at these and keep it up :D  BTW i sub to you.

Low Swing! · 04/07/2016 04:53

Don't worry. I'm 12.

diives · 26/07/2016 01:59

Awe Thanks so much man!
Its okay, someday u willget one! but enjoy ur young age :D

lupeyroo posted to diives

04/06/2016 13:38

Dobyou take animation commissions? If so do you have price list?

LundiMagique posted to diives

31/05/2016 04:42

Very cool animations!

diives · 31/05/2016 19:01

Thank Lundi :D

Kiritsune posted to diives

22/05/2016 19:53

Heya Diives! It's Blizzardkitsune from FA :3 Glad to see you're here!

diives · 22/05/2016 22:18

HEYA! Im glad to see u here too! The site seems pretty cool :3

Kiritsune · 22/05/2016 22:22

It really does, and I love the features onto it. x3 I hope to make use of this site well enough! How have things been for you? :3

diives · 22/05/2016 22:27

Im okay, still working on some icons, and im a lil worried about fa :c

Kiritsune · 22/05/2016 22:28 · 1 Reply

It'll be alright! I really hope to get my new job asap so I can buy that icon we arranged ; w; it's so cute.

diives · 22/05/2016 22:56

Yeah! I cant wait to do it ;A;

Sara Am Busaidi · 16/02/2019 11:52

i do you mined making a 3+ icon for me ?

Amber · 22/10/2020 05:24

Hey diives can you make a animated icon for me please.you can make it however you want to.

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