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"Now that's the foot we know and love!"
-The Union Motto, 2018

{{Welcome to the Podophiliac Games Union!}} Yes, we spelled that 100% correctly! It's not PEH-DO, IT'S POH-DO. Get it right, don't get us banned, *AHEMFurAffinity!*.

{{Do you like feet?}}

Well, who doesn't dig the {feet,} right? Holy cow, you don't?!! But-but... don't you know {Quentin Tarantino} likes {feet?} Well, chances certainly are high that you like {Quentin Tarantino} in {some capacity!} Therefore, you, by extension, like {feet.} You might also like them if you fall into that camp that liked the {Dave Chapelle} sketch! Right...

Anyways, it's a colorful foot-focused feast for the eyes, be it animated, or non-animated, but most importantly as our title would imply, most especially, GAMES are the dealio we aim for the podophilio! PODS! Like Tide Pods. That's right, people; interactive, clickable and mashable content involving solely feet (see what I did there?), are being created and distributed, for both PCs and Android devices! Take your love of feet and put it in your... POCKET! Stay informed, for livestreams and Picartos! Never miss a beat to tickle your... feet!!

Lucky Fox, from Super Lucky's Tale! (Flash)

Socrates (Socks) the Bobcat - Adventures from the Book of Virtues

Razor in The Nth Dimension! (PUBLIC RELEASE)

Mystery Foot #3


An upcoming mystery foot - (hint) Someone from a certain French TV show.

Remember, 5 bucks for Early Access, 30 bucks for source .fla files to peep into our workflow somewhat! See you there!

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