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I've got a hint for this Mystery Foot. Tell us in the comments below, your existential guesses to the foot, be it our life choices, or who you believe the foot to belong to!
Enjoy, and also, here's a rarity for me. This track is based off a Eurodance tune (it's a dead 90s genre that the 2010s has been trying to absolutely mangle for radio appeal for the past 7 years).

Stay tuned in to Podophiliac Game Union for more feet/pods similar to this one!
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I lost. · 07/06/2018 03:01 · 1 Reply

There's a mystery afoot... 

djonskin · 07/06/2018 05:25

Well, hmm... we certainly are throwing consideration at Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog's way, definitely. And indeed, the foot be afoot!


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