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INFJ/INTJ-T | 27 | she/her | pisces | asexual | agender | lesbian


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I've been drawing for most of my life, but I've only started drawing furries recently.
My main focus is female body positivity and sometimes fanart for bojack horseman, undertale, steven universe, pokemon, and more.
I am disabled and out of work so I'm always willing to negotiate commissions, but I don't presently have any set prices.


For commissions email me at:


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Commissions Open

I'm opening commissions for the holidays :3 Infographics can be found here: {/dogstrenchcoat/gallery/?sort=uploaded:desc&folder=19766} Tiers: Sketch: Short - $15 Long - $20 Colored Sketch: Short - $20 Long - $25 ...
14/11/2019 03:04

Incoming Uploads

I just realized I never uploaded my bojack typography prints here (some of my favorite personal works, tbh) so there's a bit of upload spam incoming, sorry for any inconvenience :0
06/08/2019 23:59


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Lesbian Dog

Role-playing No
needs a name
03/06/2019 02:38

Asexual Fox

Role-playing No
needs a name
03/06/2019 02:37