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He was a human before becoming into a smoke like a figure with 2 crystals that keep his human shape. While hiding in a red, yellow, and orange dragon armor. Reason for it that he was in many mythological books and papers around the world as either good and bad mythical creature. But in truth, he's a rebellious person onto certain social roles and taboos.

His armor dragon was a giant western dragon which was his teacher and his dragon guardian. Now he's still there but in the middle of both living and non-living being just like his student.




His dragon and himself is always one being.

He is one of the last piece gatekeepers and protector of planet Earth.

Once he used up all his lifeforce or ran out of energy Earth is unprotected and opened towards many darker beings who want to control human beings and passes down the Pleadies to help protect and closes many gates that once opened.

Extra Details


His armor suppresses his true powers which usually time itself, but does use other magical powers when wearing his armor.


He can shipshape his looks into beings and gender.


2 Meters ยท 6 Feet, 6.74 Inches

Eye Colors

Body Colors

Extra Attributes

Past species:

Human and gain the to be part dragon.

Modern species:

Dragon for armor

a black smoke like figure with 2 crystals in it that sometimes hold the shape a human

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