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Artist Type: Anthro Artist

I'm an artist that still learn to draw!

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Role-playing No
20/06/2018 17:21

Armor Doryu

Other · Hybrid ·
Role-playing Yes
His old human name: Doryu His master/teacher: Ophiuchus With armor: Dory-phiuchus Modern without ...
13/06/2018 01:15


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Species: coyote
Artist Type: anthro artist
Mood: artistic
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Joined 18/05/2018 04:43


Species: wolf
Artist Type: improving artist
Mood: creative
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Skyline_Wolfie posted to Ganymede

03/09/2018 00:38

Hey! Thanks for the sub!

Your style is really amazing!

SmartWhitefang posted to Ganymede

18/06/2018 16:42

hello, Thanks for subscribe