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Hello there! I tend to go by Drift or Marshall.

I'm doing artwork full-time nowadays and tend to use several galleries,

My biggest project is my comic LUCKY which you could help support, follow works in progress, and trigger more frequent posting by supporting my PATREON. If you want to be part of an awesome community that myself and some friends facilitate then consider joining my DISCORD CHANNEL. Where you could also find commission information and examples!

Nice meeting you, and hope to see you around!


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Addressing this hiatus.

Howdy everyone! I sincerely apologize for the hiatus, whilst claiming so religiously that I'd get my posting art more frequently
7 months ago

Quick updates

Hey everyone, just got back in from a vacation and I will continue to very frequently post all of the things until we're fully caught up!  Speaking of catching up I'll also be catching up on my own personal and artwork and whatnot
23/05/2018 05:17


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