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Brave as a noun! All nicely posted in succession amirite!  I thought I'd post this today actually, a bit atypical to my posting schedule. But this was my first full-length comic regarding a tiny story comic. One day I plan on editing these into actual videos. And putting them up on youtube or something. But I definitely will be making more comics of this sort.  One of the biggest excitements about being all caught up in terms of art is that I can show you my second comic of this nature. A commissioned comic called 'the call' and boy does that make me feel the anticipation!  If you guys want to give this short fun little song a listen to check it out here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9vzxzjsv6g And maybe give it a listen while reading through this comic! I just thought I'd give this to you all like so because I literally just decided to learn how to play this song!.  Song Belongs to Andrew Jackson Jihad! one of my favorite lyricists other than like max bemis, and few others.  Anyway with that I hope you all enjoy. And here's a 'secret' but the next song-based comic will be all about lucky. And will feature the song "Don't mess with me" by Temposhark! I hope you all have a nice day! I'm off to solve more differential equations :3 
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