Kangy lionheart the Kangaroo is feeling Cheerful
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Hello some guys and gals did not know me so i am Marlo LionHeart. Tiquia i am the creator of Kangy the kangaroo
i love to collect some interesting stuff on RL but on Fantasy life hehe
i love to see some inflation, WG, gain pounds, Adult and non-adult
Characters. i am now graduate I.T. Technician and have work i love to
draw you see on my gallery i love to collect funny looking and awesome
drawings on the site as well my b-day is on July 4. 1988 i Have a Mate now (2 of them) and doing solo i have 3 brothers. my dad works on there company

"fursona Spects and Abilities"

kangy "Alvein" lionheart - A
magical kangaroo that has a magic using his hands to open some portals
his pouch is a mystery to all why a male roo that has a bottomless pouch
under his shirt, he can brag out some weapons and food using his one of
a kind portal (that is base on yukari yakumo from touhou) kangy is a
Kangaroo-phoenix breed and only one of a kind to use the phoenix mode.
kangy loves to eat and eat but his tail ring keeps him normal chubby
body. His black diamond back still a mytery that can't solve.

Kanganix lionheart - a book
reading lion that love to go to the library he also uses magic and has a
Dragon form when he want it still his cousin's kangy and phon that he
love to experiment on it

Phon jumpheart - A phoenix and a
Brother to kangy a inventor and a silly bird he can do much what you
think if you are been thinking what will he do, he also like to be
chubby and fat in a way he is on liking his kangaroo brother much

Lionel Lionheart - A lion
prince and a Stuff toy buddy (on real world) on kangy lionheart a well a
son of there creator. he is one hungry lion sometimes he want to be
lazy and eat on his room *giggles* ohh lionel

Kep Astral - A Royal Chef for
Prince lionel he is smart and cute but sometimes has a question to him
self, Prince lionel always feed kep since kep is some how amazing on his
Cooking, He can make any type of dishes that you can give him to cook
it. He always "bha" when someone surprise him or scare him.


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will do hun

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Hey hunny

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hey hun

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