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2 months ago

Commissions open for 2 weeks

Going to be opening a couple of commission slots since I am home with a busted foot for two weeks! Just when I thought my back injury was bad enough, hahah
3 months ago


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Iria Reyes

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firekitty posted

19/07/2015 02:07

I put on some fuzzy slippers. Hi everyone. 

Michi · 19/07/2015 06:16

I put on my robe and wizard hat. How are you? im too lazy to upload but i will after a ramen maybe

firekitty · 19/07/2015 07:10

Oh man... ramen ;u;

firekitty · 19/07/2015 07:11

Now I'm trying not to be a fatty and wander over to the ramen house near here after eating pizza XD

Anton · 20/07/2015 01:43

She does that alot. Next thing you know it she will start talking about a Chinese buffet.

firekitty · 20/07/2015 05:05

OMG @_@