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【 Male | 23 | Pansexual  | Single | South Florida | Digital Artist 】

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I appreciate every watcher I receive, but I DO NOT leave shouts thanking them. So please don't take it personal, and I thank you in advance. I will do my best to continue bringing the art you love to Inkbunny :3

My block List is currently empty and I'd like to keep it that way so please no drama, thank you :3

Hey ya'll Foxy101 A.K.A. (Lovely_Paws) here
I'm just the average furry who enjoys drawing, writing, reading, and looking at other furries work. My sona changes based on the development of my RL psyche, so I have several, and many more to create.

On a side note if you want to talk to me please...DO IT!!!...I love talking with you furs; no need to be bashful. I'm very open minded and don't judge anyone so feel free to speak your mind.


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