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As I walk on the path of righteousness I peer through the cataclysmic ruin that is my hell.
The searing pain I feel is benign compared to that of those I taint with self-loathing and despair.
Though my actions resemble grace unto the standards that I dwell
My cause is just, to all those who wish to bear.

Your eyes see only the illusions I bestow upon thee.
Your ears hear my serpents tongue.
Your vain attempts to love me,
Have only revealed what I have done.

Regardless to what you think, Free will is never free.
Although not obvious at the time a fee you need to pay.
Your choices are not your own, no matter what they be;
And when regret shows its face, you’ll listen to what I have to say

There may be a day when I cut the chains that bind
At first you’ll run, jump, and skip with glee
But at the ends of the earth you’ll have the need to look back, still the image is burnt inside your mind.
Tears begin to fall as you rush back to feel the loving embrace I gave to thee

As you collapse in my arms, sobbing and pleading for grace
I lift you up from your pitiful and demeaning guise.
You regain your footing staring deep into my eyes as I wipe the tears from your face
My arms wrap around you as I embrace fates ever so fanciful ties.

I whisper in your ear, that which I have said before
“Your choices are not your own, no matter what they be.”
As your eyes met with mine once more
I raise a smile and say, “Your choices are mine as mine is to thee.”
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