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 So, I heard it was #blackcatappreciationday and naturally I have a black cat character X33 so I had to pull them out of the closet and dust them off for it!!
Catnip is a gender neutral catmonster with a tail maw named 'Charlie' they have interactions with...Charlie is actually rather mischievous and acts independently of Catnip's brain, nibbling things/people it shouldn't, so Catnip tends to put a collar/strap on it to keep it's muzzle closed (not featured here).
Despite their own dark coloration (or perhaps because of it) Catnip prefers pastel/bright colors and is particularly into "cute" clothes...think Pastel Goth fashion.


October · 18/08/2015 05:53 · 1 Reply

 thEY ARE SO CUTE, oh man. i love their design so much

Auggie · 18/08/2015 06:14

 Thank you \( ^ w ^ )/

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