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hi there I'm usually known as Lady-tragedy but this place only allows alphanumerical characters for usernames soooo...

about me:

Name: Danique
Nicknames: Dani, Dees(pronounced days), Lady, Trag, Miss Vy
Age: 24
Gender: All Female
Occupation: Starving artist/Student Communication and Multimedia Design
Sexuality: Asexual - Bi romantic
Random funfacts:
- Gets mistaken for a guy at least once a year either IRL or Online despite the screenname LADY-tragedy
- Has been an artist and roleplayer for 11 years
- Speaks and writes English better then she does her native language, Go figure


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I have the hardest time keeping this place up to date.. ehehe... expect a bit of an art spam the coming days
13/04/2016 04:13


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Aisha Love posted to fyirri

21/10/2015 13:39

You should use the feedback feature to suggest allowing special characters in user names.