goaty the Goat is feeling Weird
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Hey there! I'm a goat/cat/whatever gal from New York, USA!

I take commissions - message me with your budget & idea & we'll work something out!

Maybe buy me a snack? All proceeds go to making sure I keep working on whatever comic I'm working on right now (currently A Night in Tess [18+]).

I also have a patreon if you'd like to support my work! Sneak peeks, WIPs, high res images, and polls for content! It's also where i post everything first, but finished pieces are posted elsewhere shortly after.

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Help me pay my rent! Commissions!

Hey all! I got really sick and lost my job. I've been trying to get unemployment working but it's taking a long dang time, and I'm already out of savings. I was hoping I'd have my shit together by now, but I do not! Whoops! Rent is coming up, and I would like to be able to pay it! I just used th...
25/03/2017 02:34


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Fluffy chocolate cat.
27/04/2018 00:06


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Lilac cat with big ears who lives with her two girlfriends. She likes latex, weed, and stoner met...
27/04/2018 00:04


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