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that dang commission journal!

Hey there!! sorry to throw all of this information at you at once, I'm stretching my commission information here to furiffic. I'm mainly found on twitter but you can also see this info on tumblr and furaffinity, links to which are a little bit further down if you don't mind reading! Terms of Ser...
12/11/2015 23:31
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I'm very excited to be invited, this place seems very nice. I've been looking for another alternative to FA for a while. I hope this place kicks off, I love the way it operates so far. ;v; Gonna try to move away from FA, in the mean time, here's some other places to find me twitter {http://twitt...
22/08/2015 04:17


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Other · Dog · Questioning · Aries
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yellow and teal jindo who doesnt do shit
12/11/2015 22:59
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Transgender · Tiger · Pansexual · Virgo
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purple intersex tiger that works as a fast food cook (he/him)
10/11/2015 05:54


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