Caroline Joy Bell the Angel cat is feeling Horny
Artist Type: Digital Artist

I'm a pre-trans girl (MtF) from Washington that likes to do traces and derivative artwork. I very rarely draw my own sketches because they are so damn hard to draw for me, but if I have a base, or a reference image to draw over, I can make do.

I'll just say it now, I have anger issues. If you end up becoming my friend somehow, just know that we will argue. And that's okay, I can hold a friendship as long as everyone involved is patient.

I love cartoons, and a side effect of that is being a brony. So I have a pony version of my main OC.

I'm into a lot of taboo stuff, that you would really have to get to know me to understand, but hey, that's not too uncommon in this fandom, is it?


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Female · Cat · Lesbian ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Ash
Daughter of Caroline Sister and rival of Violet Dark mage
04/09/2017 10:04


Female · Cat · Lesbian ·
Role-playing No
Nicknames Vi
Violet Bell, Cat, daughter of Caroline, light mage, rival of sister Ashley. 16 years old
04/09/2017 09:51


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Mao Wildmane

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