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Here there! This is your friend neighborhood Exxy Dragon! I have worked on my art all my life and absolutely love what I do and now I am here to not only share it with you but to work for you! Anything you may want, good ol Exxy can make it happen and always glad to! Just check my commissions! :)

Here I will be posting all of my characters as well as my comics! I absolutely love what I do and want to make friends! I also love to do rp's if anyone is interested in that. I mostly use my original characters who I will add more entries for under the characters tab above, for now you can find them scattered throughout my gallery!


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I need $45 to make my bills and get my little doggy his heartworm prevention medicine! Here are my prices: https://heart-of-a-dragoness.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Board-681369063 {https://heart-of-a-dragoness.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Board-681369063} Anyone who buys a Commission between n...
30/09/2017 01:16
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Hello, putting it out there that I do commissions of virtually anything you could ask me for, headshots, busts, full bodies, groups, you name it! I do sketches for $10, Sketches with Color for $20, Inked and Colored work for $25, fully detailed work for $35, and comic pages for $35 I can draw p...
08/09/2017 20:19


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Exilena Feathersteel

Female · Dragon · Heterosexual · Pisces
Role-playing Yes
She is a red avelequiess, a member of a dragon like species known for their magic, fur and feathe...
08/09/2017 03:19


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Derileth posted to Exxy

23/09/2017 03:36

Thank you for the favorite

fire crescent posted to Exxy

08/09/2017 21:50

-boops - thank you for subscribing ^_^ (even though I don't make any sort of visual art) I look forward to working with you :) -spells your name in fire across the sky and waves goodbye-

Exxy · 08/09/2017 22:01

-boops- you're welcome! XD -waves- I look forward to working with you as well friend!

fire crescent · 08/09/2017 22:04 · 3 Replies

:o you have booped the snoot now the boop war shall start :O

Exxy · 08/09/2017 22:05

Oh? Is that so? XD

fire crescent · 08/09/2017 22:08

-smirks and prepares to pounce- indeed

Exxy · 08/09/2017 22:11

-prepares for the pounce- bring it on -shows a playful smile-

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