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Caroline Soulfire
Age: 20
A Sassy, but aspiring mage. She’s had a love for magic ever since she was little and has tried her hardest to become a great sorceress. Caroline can have a bit temper at times and tends to speak what's on her mind whenever she disagrees with someone or personally insulted. She can be patient ine...... depending on the person she's dealing with. She was abandoned when she was young and since no one would take her in, she was forced to fend for herself only equipped with her cloak: enchanted to keep her warm and eye patch: which functions as a magnifier. Destitute, she wanders around performing any simple magic tricks for any passersby to earn gold in order to feed herself. She lives in a port city, which doesn't have much to offer in terms of education and couldn't make the trek to the main cities of the land, due to the fact that she was inexperience against the dangers on the way there such as bandits and monsters, though it hasn't stopped her from trying to learn from the books she sometimes happens upon in the port. Since Caroline was destitute for most of her life, she's made use of what she has, so she can sleep almost anywhere. She sleeps well but tends to stay up whenever she's working on an intensive task.(I mean, she has nothing else to do.)
  Caroline wears an eye patch over her eye, which her parent put onto her before they left her. It carries a special enchantment that only allows Caroline to remove and equip the patch. It’s not that her eye is damaged or mutilated, but that it hides her hererochormia. She part of a race called the Altarkins, who are distinguished by their red and blue eyes. They are a bloodthirsty and savage race, who were driven to near extinction due to fear of their immense power. Caroline is one of the rare Altarkins that aren't consumed by their nature and usually out casted or killed. She was nearly killed during her fateful encounter in the Laghol tavern involving Kim Serana, who at the time was looking for a knight named Ralen. She was taken to a healer after the ordeal and was the sole survivor. After her recovery, she chased after Ralen practically begging him to come along in his quest. Despite their initial disagreements, They begrudgingly took her along to go after the warlord Kim Serana.
Other information tidbit stuff: (answered questions from a character questionaire, so it may be a little bloated :P )
Caroline dresses however she pleases and prefers not to wear overbearing clothing. She prefers not to wear shoes or pants.(she does wear undergarments. She prefers robes since she prefers the overly mysterious look of a mage.(she finds it cool) She wears the same clothing going to bed and usually not shy when it comes to nudity, but (she tends to be nude when she's cleaning her clothes) she can't complain given her past predicament. Her hair is messy and unkempt and poofy just the way she likes it. She good at putting on shows for people, which is how she scrapped by before her journey began. She likes to be adored and treated with respect and of course loved(depending on the person and usually doesn't admit it). She can act subtle or gentle when introducing herself to someone she feels she has to be nice to, but in different occasions she can feel intimidated or refer to her last name only when introducing herself. Caroline hates formal wear as it feels tight and restraining.  She loathes formal events, but loves the high class food and drink. Speaking of which.....She does drink. She's bit of a silly drunk saying or doing funny but dumb things. She's pretty annoyed and cranky when hung-over. She acts nervously around drunks larger than her, but prefers tries to hang around and possibly hear some interesting tidbits from them.
She pretty slender, mostly due to the fact that she was a destitute. Food tends to be a favorite subject. She sees food, she devours. She's pretty short around 5'3"

fire crescent · 7 months ago · 4 Replies

she seems like an awesome character! kinda the same with my sona fire

HowSplendid · 7 months ago

thanks. glad you like her ^^

fire crescent · 7 months ago

well of course I do -smiles and boops her nose with a snake made of fire- we aren't that much different

HowSplendid · 7 months ago

she wants blood now

fire crescent · 7 months ago

hmm I wasn't trying to get blood on my new robes -wraps  the snake around my arm-

She's a fluffy, sassy little squishie. :P

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