HowSplendid the Human is feeling Accomplished
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

My Discord Server

Yo I decided to make a public discord group called Caroline's Domain. Feel free to join in if you guys wanna chat and stuff! ^^ Discord link: {} this just a reminder to those asking :0c nsfw will be present.
14/04/2018 22:02

COMMISSION INFORMATION new prices for 2018

I accept Paypal only.(no dA points) Payment is in advance.(So please make sure you really want a commission and stick with it) I ask for a non-specific time-frame as it adds pressure to finish the drawing, so I ask that you are patient. I prefer to draw in my style ONLY. I like my style and I don...
01/01/2018 18:50

Caroline Soulfire Plushies are now for sale!

So happy to post this. The Caroline Soulfire plushies are now for sale. They're 8 inch plushies, so if you want one they'll be $50 for each one(this already includes shipping). To make thing easier I made an ebay listing! {http://www.ebay....
21/04/2017 05:24

Commission information

Commission information and such. Let me know via pm if interested. Thanks!
14/11/2016 01:09