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COMMISSION INFORMATION new prices for 2018

Published: 01/01/2018 18:50

I accept Paypal only.

Payment is in advance.(So please make sure you really want a commission and stick with it)

I ask for a non-specific time-frame as it adds pressure to finish the drawing, so I ask that you are patient.

I prefer to draw in my style ONLY. I like my style and I don't like to try and copy another artist's.

IF YOU ASK TO HAVE MY CHARACTERS TO BE IN IT THEN I DO A SAY. been meaning to post this for a while now.

Things I'll be able to do:

Original characters
Fan art(depends)
Human(of course)

Feel free to ask if I can do other types.

please nothing realistic. Not a favorite on realism.

I do both Traditional and Digital

Full traditional
Pencil sketches for a character: $15.00-USD

Both line art and color pencil: $10.00-USD
So in all $25.00-USD

$20.00-USD for any extra characters
Half-character sketch $10.00 for full color it's $15.00

Pencil Sketch for a character: $15.00-USD

Pen sketches for a character: $20.00-USD

My coloring style may or may not appeal to everyone, so choose carefully before asking for traditional.

Cutesy/Chibis are $12.00


Sketches will always be in pencil: $15.00-USD

Digital line art: $10.00-USD
Flat colors:$10.00-USD
Cel-Shading: $10.00-USD
So in all $45.00-USD for digial
$25.00-USD for any extra characters
Half-character full color is $25.00
Chibis/Cutesy are $16.00

Comic commissions: These are new, so examples are pending.
The starting price for a page is $30 for a pencil sketch. Keep in mind. it's a lot of work on me to do these.
Pen: $45
Traditional colors: $55
digital flat colors: $ 65
Cel-shading: $85

I can also do backgrounds. I will charge another $10.00-USD for both traditional and digital.
(price varies on detail)

Please note or email me if you are interested or if you also need more details for the commission. I do ask for a good reference, so that it helps as I draw, thanks!

Paypal email:

More info: ^^

I ask that once you pay for a commission, please stick with your decision. I don't want to deal last minute changes if I don't have to. If I have to refund, then I will only refund the work I haven't done. For example If I did the flat colors for a commission and haven't done the shading, then I will only give back the money for the shading since I hadn't done it.

Once payment is received, I will start working on your drawing. No exceptions.

Please feel free to check up on the status of your drawing(but once per week please) I highly recommend coming to the streams

Once the sketch is completed, I will show you the progress of the drawing and ask if you want last minute changes on the drawing itself. However, once the sketch is done or if the line art has started, you can no longer ask for last minute changes.

You can do whatever you want with the drawing afterwards, but please don't take credit for drawing it, thanks!

Prices are going to vary, so I will give a heads up beforehand.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and I will gladly answer! ^^

I'm accepting commissions right now. Please feel free to ask! ^^

KEEP IN MIND THAT IT'LL BE AN EXTRA 5-30 DOLLARS FOR EXTREMELY DETAILED CHARACTERS.(that means extremely complex armor patterns designs,etc) price varies on the complexity of such characters

1. Quelnath digital commission on standby
2. bluefox digital commission. will begin soon
3. WangShiBang digital commission. will begin soon.
4. Nocypher digital sketch commission payment pending
5. ShibaZ1n flat color commission. will begin soon
6. Slot open
7. Slot open
8. Slot open
10. Slot open

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