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CAROLINE! Where did you get those things!? :ohnoes:

Caroline: "Ah. yeah. I bought them. They're the next big small thing!" :la:

With what money!? :ohnoes:

Caroline: "Well...not mine, that's for sure. But that doesn't matter, because I'm a cat now" :la:

Ah I see and you know what happens to a cat when it misbehaves? *sprays water*


Oh don't chu hiss at me! *grabs newspaper* 


So yeah kinda gave in to the whole cat undie thing. I figured Caroline would be the best one for it. :P

Caroline Soulfire (c) HowSplendid

Harlex · 24/10/2016 23:55 · 1 Reply

So cute

HowSplendid · 24/10/2016 23:59


Odysseus · 25/10/2016 00:13 · 6 Replies

I'm not a cat wolf but I've always liked the kitty laungere. Maybe it's the forbin love bit to it

HowSplendid · 25/10/2016 00:28

She's a fox wearing cat stuff. : P heh

Odysseus · 25/10/2016 00:33

She still looks damn sexy

HowSplendid · 25/10/2016 01:18

heh thanks a lot! =w=

Odysseus · 25/10/2016 05:36

I like the work you've been doing with her recently (even if i haven't favorited it)

HowSplendid · 25/10/2016 05:41

well im glad you like it. there will definitely be more of her. :P

Odysseus · 25/10/2016 05:42

I can't wait to see it.

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