INTRODUCTION: The Mystic Knowledge Series is a groupof compilations of the Mystic and Out-of-BodyTravel Works of Marilynn Hughes on varioussubjects of scholarship so you may have at yourfingertips all the Out-of-Body Travel Instructionson a particular area of study. As many experiences would over...
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Adam and Eve symbolize the testing required by God of all twin flames. Although each of us came forth from Spirit to fulfill our mission to take dominion over the earth, we have fallen from the state of perfection (Eden) through our own disobedience and rebellion against cosmic law. As a result, ...
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7. Love reigned supreme all over the world! She was calm and content in herearthly domains. All the celestial bodies supported her in that Divine Work. Onlythe Sun sometimes peered anxiously into the bowels of Earth during the timeswhen she hid her sides from him as she rotated. Because of the de...
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