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7. Love reigned supreme all over the world! She was calm and content in herearthly domains. All the celestial bodies supported her in that Divine Work. Onlythe Sun sometimes peered anxiously into the bowels of Earth during the timeswhen she hid her sides from him as she rotated. Because of the density of Matter,the Sun was not able to glimpse what was happening on the other side of theplanet.8. Eventually, robust vegetation girdled the world, hiding the gentle flowers in itsshadow and choking their tiny stems with its mighty roots. These giants seizedpower and began to swallow light greedily, cutting off the warm solar rays fromthose who were shorter and much weaker than they. Without the caressingwarmth of the All-Loving Sun, lesser creatures withered and perished.9. Evil had appeared in the world for the first time. The Sun was unable todiscern what was going on beneath the thick crowns of giant trees. Theseeffectively concealed evil, which had managed to steal in surreptitiously. TheAll-Seeing Eye of the Sun partially lost its power, for he could not illuminate thehidden back side of the Earth

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