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INTRODUCTION: The Mystic Knowledge Series is a groupof compilations of the Mystic and Out-of-BodyTravel Works of Marilynn Hughes on varioussubjects of scholarship so you may have at yourfingertips all the Out-of-Body Travel Instructionson a particular area of study. As many experiences would overlap intomore than one area, we've chosen the bestcategory for each Out-of-Body Travel Experiencein which to place it in order to avoid repetition. We hope this series helps those who areinterested in a special area of study to read all therecorded mystical and out-of-body travelexperiences that the author had on each subject. These experiences are compiled from'Come to Wisdom's Door: How to Have an Outof-Body Experience,' 'The Mysteries of theRedemption: A Treatise on Out-of-Body Traveland Mysticism,' 'Galactica: A Treatise on Death,Dying and the Afterlife,' 'The Palace of AncientKnowledge: A Treatise on Ancient Mysteries,''Touched by the Nails: A Karmic JourneyRevealed,' 'Suffering: The Fruits of UtterDesolation,' and a few other published andunpublished sources

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