its-a-z-not-a-x the Dragon is feeling Aggravated
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

This account is /just/ for my art! please see snapdragonproduction for; Tails, Prints, and other small fursuit needs!

Hi Guys, I'm Zena

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Some of my buddies include;

howlwolfeh sweeneyblake alphayellawolf acespace poppii

Some things I am INCLUDE:

Pansexual BDSMFurs Tail Obsessed Transgender

So yeah! anything else you wanna ask me Just note me or shout me it ♥ ~

My suit was made by wildfuzz studios
Repaired at FE 2016 and the rest soon by sweeneyblake

Hours of work!
Monday! 1pm-3/5am - commissions
Tuesday! 1pm-3/5am - commissions
Wednesday! 9pm-3/5am - commissions
Thursday! 9pm-3/5am - commissions
Friday! 1pm - 3/5 am - commissions
Saturday! --OFF-- (still may stream but it will be personal work)
Sunday! 1pm-3/5 am - Adopts/Trades/PWYWs?/Personal


Requests - Trades - Commissions


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Help us get a friend out {} Recently it has come to my attention that one of my dear friends is in a highly absuvie situation. They are in a home where they do not have their own space, t...
23/10/2016 16:18

LOTS of ocs for sale!

Selling a bunch of old ocs! please take a look threw and make offers. Asking $200 min for puncile as she comes with a head and tail and some physical art. Not all the art of all these ocs are in these folders for fear of theift! {}
30/06/2016 08:07


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20/05/2016 16:21


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Kitten and Balloons

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