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Hello i'm Jessica Fox and yes i'm a girl. I love being outside and running in the sun. I love to chat on discord and making new friends. Note I'm a free spirit I not good at being committed to anything. I am fun, lite hearted, and a mess. I am single and loving it....lets see i'm tall with blue eyes and curly brown hair love to die it. I'm not a stick or super fat i'm like a hour glass big on top thin in the mid and big at the end ha ha. I love Drawing digital art. I want to make art my main income so the more you support me on patreon the more I can be here making art for you all. I hope this helps you to get to know me more if you want to know something about me just note me. Love ;)

*Note I do like to RP but right now I work a lot so I can't all ways find time to RP not that I don't want to just no time.


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02/01/2020 06:15


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02/01/2020 06:14


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Amber posted to jessicafoxie

21/10/2020 05:43

Wanna do sexy roleplay my fellow thicc girl.We can talk about sexy things maybe do them in the role play.We can get natural (butt naked) in front of each other ECT.