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Featured Fursuits Update

Published: 11 months ago

So, as a long time member of the furry fandom, I've started to notice something.

There doesn't seem to be too many sites out there catering to fursuiters and some art sites have dabbled in limitations to fursuit photos.

So I have been concerned that our fursuiting friends are not able to freely show off.

But fursuit making and fursuiting in general is also an art form...

Yet, I run a smaller set of community sites:
One for the kinky side of furry.
One for the tamer side of furry.

So I have decided, that for any fursuiter who wishes to upload their fursuit pix to my sites, I will gladly feature their photos on the main page of the site - in their own special featured section.

To make things more fun, if the fursuiter is over 18 and happens to have a murrsuit, they are free to share those pix on Drako's Den, which is our kink site, and we will still feature it.

I will no longer be able to feature fursuits in my journals, but I will gladly feature them on the sites as they are uploaded.

I am working on my own fursuit, which will be on the site when he's completed.
So now, both Drako's Den and the Playground will be catering to fursuiters.

If you would like to know more, you can check out either site:

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