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Drako's Art Contest - May 2019

Published: 3 months ago

Drako's Art Contest - May 2019

No new winners this month.

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Nomination and Voting Deadline:
June 1, 2019

Head on over to Drako's Den and Playground to Nominate Art and to Vote now!
Drako's Den: http://drako.furfag.net
Drako's Playground: http://drako.twilightparadox.com/

And a question from Drako Swiftclaw:

So, I dunno..
You all can openly discuss this here..

But lately I've found myself fantasizing about being a horse fursona's pet.
Being his good locked up kitten slut.
Doing as he wishes and desires, including those more primal desires.

So, do you think its strange or wrong for me to want to be an equine's pet?

If you are an equine, would you want a locked up kitten pet?
If so, feel free to contact me on Telegram (@jmac32here) or any other messenger.

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