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Uploaded 17/09/2018 17:15

Drako decided he needed to shower and change after his workout, but it looks like he really did need a change. It seems that he may have gotten a but too comfortable in that diaper, which looks soaked.

Luckily, his close friend Rex was the only one to witness this - and by the looks of it, Rex likes what he sees. I wonder where this will lead, especially since Rex has been eyeing this kitten for a long time now, this will just be the first time the Draptor got to see his "prey" in such a vulnerable that wet diaper.

This piece was drawn by poofyb3:

Featuring Rex-Itchan:

Drako Claw · 8 months ago

This piece has been nominated into Drako's Art Contest.

Drako Claw · 7 months ago

This piece has won Drako's Art Contest.

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  • Uploaded: 17/09/2018 17:15
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