VancouFur Discounts ARE LIVE!

Starting today, for [url=https://twitter
by Temrin · 10 months ago

Drako's Art Contest - February 2021

Drako's Art Contest - February 2021 The latest winner is: Monsterchu Transformation - {} by Sal - {
by Drako Swiftclaw · 11 months ago

Another Personal Update

I'm pretty sure no one expected my last vent post even me but as if now I'm kinda feeling better
by Vangabond · 11 months ago

Emergency Break

So I have to get creative so like I currently don't have any power or internet due to this Texas snow storm, and for now the posts will stop cause I have a limited amount of Data on my phone so see everyone once this nightmare is over with.
by Vangabond · 11 months ago

Another Update

So I have my power back for now, and I'm going to use Friday to catch up on my uploads, and today to handle a few things in my personal life (it's nothing bad but I don't want to go into detail)
by Vangabond · 11 months ago


HEY[lb] We start posting our web comic Justiciar! Don't miss it! o3o[lb] [lb] [b][url=https://www
by Sunny_Way · 11 months ago

Season 3 Announcement

Hello everyone this is the announcement for The heroes of Gaia (formerly rebels) Season 3 announcement, as it will begin March 8th 2021 and will end on April 9th 2021
by Vangabond · 10 months ago
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A Love Poem By Cecil

He makes me smile, when my mood depletes. Because he is oh so sweet. When I go into boredom. I can never ignore him. Though he may act funny. I will always be his bunny. Though this is a confession. I hope it wins his affection. He will always be my fox. No matter how many it shocks. I love you P...
by Cecil · 18/12/2016 00:51
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Can I ask everyone on here a question?

Does everyone or most of you mind about me favouring everything in your gallery? I'm just making sure? This is my opinion why I favourite everything on this website and other websites in this case; because I have different approach to art and other similar things; I think everything/most things ...
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 23/05/2016 19:42
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I'M BACK BABY~ My onsite time is about to shoot back up again c: Maybe even some more selfies if I feel frisky :P Enjoy your Thurdsays everyone!
by TangentTheWolfy · 01/09/2016 13:25

Comms Open!

All my prices are here: {} As of writing this, I am streaming @ {} and {} and I ...
by Hileksel · 10 months ago

Season 2 final post

Welp Season 2 has wrapped up posting, with a Season 3 coming up at some point. Season 2 is the Last time we hear of "The Rebels of Gaia" Before it transitions to "The Heroes of Gaia" Onward there are more seasons after the 3rd one and I hope that more people who will be reading will be in for the...
by Vangabond · 10 months ago

Commissions open for the most part

My prices are $5.00 US dollars for 1 character done in pencils. Black and white. I do this because of the current situation I am going through and this is the fastest way I can finish work for anybody and get what I can to be prepared if things get even worse before getting any better. You can al...
by RDK · 11 months ago

Art Raffle. Soon

Art Raffle
by Sunny_Way · 11 months ago

Cat Surgery Stream Info!

TL;DR My cat has a lump and it's gotta go![lb] [url=https://streamlabs
by Malachyte · 11 months ago

Yet Another shameless Discord Server Promo

I guess I should have mentioned that, I deleted the server dedicated to my wolf project and went to rework my older discord server I have had for years at this point
by Vangabond · 8 months ago

How to Secure a Commission

Super short version: Go to my personal page {} and click on a listing to order a commission. If no listings are available, it means I'm full. Subscribe to email alerts to be notified when I open. It's been a while since I last explained my process for takin...
by Malachyte · 8 months ago

Yo yo Yo!

I forgot what I was gonna say :'D Oh yeh, I am thinking about jump from Picarto to Piczel finally, like permannent The chat is better, I can multistream and even save the streams! feels more like twitch Also tlaking about that, I am "technically" open for multistreams :'D and talking about that, ...
by Elmont · 8 months ago

Moved to a New Account

That’s How we moved your new account.
by Emeraldia · 8 months ago

🌱Informative Thing: The Use of My Art

[b]My Terms of Service: [/b][url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri · 8 months ago

Leaving this platform forever

Sorry, but the theft, taunting and bullying and hypocrisy have gone on long enough. I will stay on my other socials though. And to the people who made me leave- you still have no legal right to trace my art.
by Lucybus · 7 months ago
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We have officially been abandoned by our own moderators.
by Lucybus · 7 months ago

Another perspective on social media taming

I watched this video: https://www
by Cardia John Scott · 7 months ago

June Commissions

Seeking some art? I love painting and drawing[lb] [lb] Im good at hyper,boobs,asses,femboys,mech,backgrounds[lb] fill out my form and we can start up a project[lb] [lb] Prices[lb] [url=http://dirtyscoundrel
by DirtyScoundrel · 7 months ago

24 Hours Left: YCH + Giveaway

[b]Remaining slots are claimable on any of these site posts and they close in 24 hours![/b][lb] [lb] [url=https://www
by Temrin · 8 months ago

Post-Holiday PC Mayhem

So, for the longest time I have been working from laptops
by Tony Bark · 8 months ago

Season 4 ended + some other stuff

Yeah I did a double post of the remaining two episodes to rip off that bandage, honestly You would have thought after so many episodes posted I would have gotten used to posting everything by now
by Vangabond · 7 months ago
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New to Furiffic

Site looks nice, though abit confusing. But it was an easy transfer from FA. We'll see how things go and such. Enjoy my Furiffic Page. :p
by Shade_Koopa · 25/05/2016 20:11

I Guess I should have mentioned this-

But Season 5 and Season 6 will be posting right after each other long with the movie plot, and the crossover idea
by Vangabond · 7 months ago

Attention all: Do you want to be in a story?

Alright, when I do stories with anyones OC character, I will only do it if it is based on an RP
by Cardia John Scott · 7 months ago

How does one get to the Candy World?

You get there by eating 1 and 1/11th lbs of candy
by Cardia John Scott · 7 months ago

THE GOOD NEWS: No hiatus. good happened

Previous Journal: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 7 months ago

Would you buy a fanart painting?

Hey all
by Alpha · 8 months ago

🎵Music by HenceFox! Made for Me! FIZZY

FurAffinity: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 9 months ago

Where you can find me

First things first this is a master post, meaning that this will be posted across all the websites and places that I am on (which it may seem confusing to see this on the website you are viewing this on)[lb] [lb] Furaffinity- [url=https://www
by Vangabond · 9 months ago

Season 3 Ending this week Hiatus Incoming

Hello everyone Season 3 is ending this week and yet another Hiatus is coming, I started Monday with a double post so like last week I had Friday for myself
by Vangabond · 9 months ago

Oh yeah

I was fairly quiet today but thanks for the birthday wishes everyone [url=http://www
by Vangabond · 9 months ago

🌱 :3 Rambling Topics of MANY like food & cats

[b]Food 🍉[/b][lb] [lb] It's getting warm, and I'm starting to want that chewy cold food now! Watermelon, Canary Melon, Sodas with ice in it, Potato Salads, Peanut butter Milkshakes MMMMM! Are you looking forward to warmer season foods? It's my favorite foods
by Uluri · 9 months ago

Commissions open!

[b]Commissions open![/b][lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 11th of April 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after this date, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way · 9 months ago

🌱Upcoming Stream APriL 1st

The day is slowly closing in
by Uluri · 9 months ago

In need of help (Closed)

I know I have kept asking for such things for a while now but I do hope anyone reading this may also be able to aid me on this medical urgency. I had to go to the Dental clinic to remove a tooth that has been giving me trouble to the point of reaching infectious status, which has to be removed an...
by RDK · 10 months ago

Once again I ask for help

And I am fine if you cannot do so, I am still grateful on anyone who can. Fighting this shitty "government" we have in the US, not letting me room to breathe and try to even help THEM out so I can actually get better and get a job as they want me desperately to do so. But as you may had read prev...
by RDK · 8 months ago
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Exposing StarCandyPon (Spread this Journal)

this journal source is from deviantart: {} What StarCandyPon on deviantart did: So, a devi...
by Athena · 8 months ago

Little wacation

I'm going on little trip to different town for a week
by Sunny_Way · 9 months ago

Normal day "right?"

Mia was walking home, it was a nice day when she was suddenly lifted into the air and dropped a long ways. "He-hello?" She asked as she woke. A gruff voice filled the air.
by nenokitty · 9 months ago

🌱POLL TIME! Pick the Project! Patreon/Substar

Patreon: [url=https://www
by Uluri · 8 months ago

New posts put on hold

Hello people
by Lunaris_Parukia · 8 months ago
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Toxy {/Toxythesnowflake} WE AREN'T hArAsSinG you, YOU ARE US. NOW STFU OR I WILL POST THIS ON MY SCRATCH WITH 1k FOLLOWING shoutouts: Lucybus {/LucybusTheGoddess} Pastel-Dollie-guts {/Pastel_Dollie_guts} Split {/The_banana_splits} and all the other people that had to deal with this b*
by Nebula · 9 months ago