Absence Explanation

HOOOOOOO BOY has a lot happened! But, to keep things short, school, and I have carpal tunnel.
by Madame Flare · 17/02/2017 02:34

Another wave of art

Finally got around to uploading some more stuff. It's all spaced out to upload one every two hours, though. So it won't swamp the front page quite as much as last time. Wooooo
by Syria Carys Sirlay · 22/02/2017 00:04

I'm Still Alive :D

|HELLO EVERYBODY!!!! :D||||||I dont know why I'm so excited if anybody does remember me... ._.|||||||Anyway... I'm just doing this nonsense journal to tell you everyone that I'll be uploadiong two amazing drawings soon... This time I´m serious...|| ||These two will be:|||||1)My furson (It's been ...
by Doelker · 06/04/2017 02:46

The Curse of the Furry Fursuit

http://www.plot-generator.org.uk/2n37hiv8/curse-of-furry-fursuit.html {http://www.plot-generator.org.uk/2n37hiv8/curse-of-furry-fursuit.html} Have fun. c:
by Sloosifur · 31/03/2017 14:47
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Freebies, Freebies Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink!
by lupeyroo · 09/02/2017 09:49

How Art... Arts!

Hello all! Art Vulpine here! You've seen the art here (thanks to those who have favorited, commented, or Watched!) So, how did I get into drawing? Honestly, I'm self-taught. I've read books on drawing furries and ponies, but largely it's trial and error. Drawing isn't second nature to me like wr...
by ArtVulpine · 06/04/2017 16:20

$5 Headshot Commissions [OPEN]

Will be shaded! Comment below if you're interested. x) I'm only taking three for the moment. 1. (open) 2. (open) 3. (open)
by Lyeox · 11/09/2016 18:33

Streaming Again

I am streaming again for those interested. Not taking art commissions but feel free to request adoptables. https://picarto.tv/PrismaArt {https://picarto.tv/PrismaArt}
by PoptartPimms · 28/09/2016 22:46

A rat's tale

hi! Well it has been quite a while since i have posted about A Rat's Tale i do have to say Wot Wot! i recently started a new job, and it will be a bit before the next pages are uploaded, just as well i had to redesign an upcoming character.
by Stellar · 09/03/2017 00:10
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Join the Roleplay Group!

Every once in awhile, I get the hankering to make one of these journals. So we just had an influx of new members to our roleplay group and I'd like to keep our membership numbers on the rise, so I invite everyone, whether youre a roleplayer or not, to come check us out! Now with over 50 members,...
by TangentTheWolfy · 02/12/2016 08:39


howdy there, i'm pretty new to the furiffic scene, but a good friend of mine suggested this platform to branch out to and to try my hand at selling a character on! i have an old fursona of mine that i'm looking to sell for around $35-$45! she comes with a good amount of art which i will link bel...
by vegas · 04/03/2017 17:40

mistakes from the past.(part 1)

in the mid-21st. century a war on a word scale broke between humanity for unknown reasons, one of the faccions on this war was starting to do research about genetic modification, they concluded in the creation of thousads anthropomorphic of almost all predators wolfs, tigers, lions etc. named "fu...
by Titan X · 16/03/2017 19:22
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what do you think...

...what do you think of my art.... I feel like im failing somewere S.O.S artist in need of advice *lays on my diserted island *
by SparkleMutt · 09/04/2017 03:57


Pass-t... Grown into the piece of a person that changes a life for the better I've since thrown away the words that were too much to share in person, I've set fire to the letter As I see a smile made for another, it leaves me with one for joy At a point, you were understanding of something, but I...
by Jiblits · 13/04/2017 16:09

My Goals

Hello all! The past two journals I spent focusing on how I got here. Now I'll present a list of my goals with my art! 1. Focus on drawing a set of select characters, namely Art Vulpine and Spellbound. 2. Try drawing other characters. 3. Continue drawing MLP, but on a more limited basis. 4. Work...
by ArtVulpine · 26/03/2017 19:52
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Enter the Furry Fandom

Hello all! I'm Art Vulpine, and although I'm new to this site, I'm not really new to the fandom. As my Profile states, I've been a furry since 2004. How did I get here from that date? Well, that's a surprise even for me. If you told me back then I'd not only be interested in furry characters but...
by ArtVulpine · 23/03/2017 14:30

Help me pay my rent! Commissions!

Hey all! I got really sick and lost my job. I've been trying to get unemployment working but it's taking a long dang time, and I'm already out of savings. I was hoping I'd have my shit together by now, but I do not! Whoops! Rent is coming up, and I would like to be able to pay it! I just used th...
by goaty · 25/03/2017 02:34
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Nyeh heh heh

by Lyeox · 17/10/2016 03:17

Caroline Soulfire Plushies are now for sale!

So happy to post this. The Caroline Soulfire plushies are now for sale. They're 8 inch plushies, so if you want one they'll be $50 for each one(this already includes shipping). To make thing easier I made an ebay listing! http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/182538675514?&autorefresh=true {http://www.ebay....
by HowSplendid · 21/04/2017 05:24
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Flaw in the system (Report button minirant)

I see there being a flaw with the report system being right there on your art BECAUSE somebody could potentially just false report you like that...if the report system was more like furaffinity's troble ticket system then I'd be less worried about it because then it's less common to get false rep...
by Huffy1337 · 12/04/2018 15:49

Hello, Hello!~

You know what I love about mornings? It's cold. Then it gets hot and this motorhome ins't a stranger to holding a lot of heat. ;; I've been in a mood to draw on my tablet but the funny thing is I keep on forgetting it's broken. xD I especially want to draw my new character Victoria omg. Don't wo...
by Verbal_Catbuse · 26/04/2018 15:31
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Hello! I'm new here!

I don't remember how I found this page, someone from my DeviantWatch moved here so I thought I will check it out! So far I love this place, It's very clean and simple, has many features its like a baby of DeviantArt and Furaffinity. I moved some of my latest artworks here and I will keep uploadi...
by Insane Nicky · 03/04/2018 21:26

Streaming Now

Stream Sketch commissions going on starting at 8:30 PM, over on Picarto
by kandlin · 27/04/2018 01:28

Keicoe fairy species info incoming!

I may be getting ahead of myself, but after designing my current fursona, i started mentally working on her species, the keicoe fairy. I've decided that i'm going to make species info and design sheets and post them here! I may make a group as well, if others are interested in making their own (o...
by Nem · 27/04/2018 04:24
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So yeah I suck but im offering free art..

Sorry for ghosting so much But hey im off for two days so yeah thats cool Im free to talk and stuff. Plus im offering free colored sketches Ex: Submission by SparkleMutt {/SparkleMutt/view/131996} Im only doing two however So show me your cool ocs and I'll pick which one Please dont be upset...
by SparkleMutt · 09/04/2018 21:30


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51LPlP-s9o {https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J51LPlP-s9o} This is one of my favorite songs by Iron Maiden. Lyrics are as below, but you gotta listen to the music with it. ((Note: The song has swearing, but not a lot. So I'm marking it tame. If I'm in error, let me ...
by Wildwiredweasel · 19/05/2018 00:17
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I'm back

in light of furaffinity completely losing their minds I've come here to post my work and browse for art. so much has been happening and I might emerge from my hiatus as a writer. (a story I wrote on fim fiction and a personal tragedy killed my enthusiasm for years)
by Harazu · 21/05/2018 23:19

My patreon is now live!

My patreon is now live! You can go here to see it: [url]http://patreon
by Yeenr · 13/05/2018 20:27

Hello world!

Pardon me while I'm getting used to how everything works here on Furiffic. It looks like a nice place. I'll have more of my work submitted soon.
by Rain · 28/05/2018 22:55

Commissions for June are Open!

Hey there everyone! My commissions for June are open! I will be taking 4 slots this month, and if I have time after I finish those 4 I will open more
by Yeenr · 03/06/2018 18:05

Files are transferred...

The eagle has landed
by FalcoSFM · 30/05/2018 17:11
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Okay, Opinon on This Website So Far

Well, I have been here for a month or so already. Where does it rank out of all of the websites that I use on a daily basis? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Pretty damn high, actually! (At least for now) As far as constructive feedback goes, this website is on the top. As an artist, I am always looki...
by Pieca Pyrofire · 14/06/2018 00:12

Distancing Myself for a While...

So, I've mentioned it a bit on Facebook and Twitter but not here
by ElainaLycan · 11/06/2018 22:33

Pomeranian Poem

Pomeranians are fluffy Pomeranians are cuddly If I don’t get a Pomeranian I won’t be happy. If I get a Pomeranian then I will get to puff it up I ❤️my Pomeranian I have a happy time with it being together. My Pomeranian loves my food My Pomeranian loves me I fluff it up I cuddle it up I smooch it...
by Kai Bannon · 22/07/2018 02:27

Adoptable Designs Reminder!

I have a lot of adopts available, and I would like to sell them! Here's a link to the folder: https://toyhou.se/2079043.adopts/gallery {https://toyhou.se/2079043.adopts/gallery}
by Madame Sparx · 23/07/2018 18:32

Open YCH Page!!

Got this open YCH page on my site now! All open YCH's will be put on there
by Zin Stone · 04/09/2018 17:07


by Xin Jin Meng · 11/08/2018 02:42
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Should I do fanart?

And who should be the target?
by Elmont · 03/08/2018 00:56

August 1st Commissions

Hey hey hey! Have you been wanting a Commission from me? Want something on the cheap side? Now's your chance![lb] [lb] Rules are simple: Just go here: [url]https://goo
by Miss Rina · 01/08/2018 17:51
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Busy life

Lulu's gotten a new job
by Lulu Amore · 05/07/2018 12:46
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Furiffic was down for me all day yesterday, did anyone else have problems with that? Is the website going through some coding issues or something?
by Oakie_Dokie · 04/07/2018 19:49
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A Return

It's been five full days since I've been able to log in, due to the server being down. That being said, I have some things to upload that I did, during that time. It was very stressful for me due to communications being cut off (I could not contact someone commissioning art from me at ALL) so I ...
by Madame Sparx · 12/09/2018 11:22

Streams over

Streams over, thanks everyone for coming![lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by Rethine-Design · 23/09/2018 04:10

Big Fat Vore Game

Streaming "The Big Fat Vore RPG"[lb] [url]http://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng · 28/09/2018 00:35

Update and Crosspost Test

by Prydri · 26/09/2018 20:43

MFF badge pre-orders OPEN!~~

MFF badge pre-orders are open! see the link for more info![lb] [lb] http://www
by Zin Stone · 01/10/2018 05:00

Birthday Raffle Winner!

We have our winner of a 45% commission discount and a two character flat commission![lb] [lb] http://tinypic
by QueenKami · 02/10/2018 23:46

Looking for a digivice!

Okay,I know this is REALLY random,but im looking for a digivice (digimon 1 toy).Don't ask why,but do you know somebody that haves one and would want to sell it? or any good store that doesnt want your soul in exchange...
by Elmont · 06/10/2018 22:46