A week from now!

So the Charity Commission Story Auction went well! We actually may have broken the record set by our first year
by TerinasTiger · 7 months ago

Charity Story Commission 2020 Auction

Welcome back to my third year of auctioning off a story to the highest bidder![lb] In tandem with my [b]Stocking Stuffer[/b] event, every year I do this, selling a story to whatever passes for my customer base
by TerinasTiger · 7 months ago

Auction Extention

Due to the outage, this auction will be extended until monday[lb] [lb] [url=http://www
by Spice Devil · 22/02/2020 01:22

NSFW Stream Tonight

I will be streaming tonight at 8pm (GMT)
by Spice Devil · 27/07/2019 07:30

Auction and small Anouncemnt

An NSFW YCH going here [url=http://www
by Spice Devil · 06/07/2019 15:28


by Spice Devil · 17/05/2019 06:34


PLEASE SHARE AROUND! It's come to that time in my life I need to let my first suit go, the character is horrendously outdated to my current fursona design and I want to sell her off to someone who will use and love her like I did in the past. Auction page: https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/fu...
by Flux Ravenhart (Bioflux) · 07/05/2018 13:36

Busy weekend, YCH

by Lulu Amore · 21/04/2018 12:55
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Pixel Icons YCH

Submission by katastrophi {/katastrophi/view/125409} check it here! :DD
by katastrophi · 16/01/2018 05:07

Tiger Wall Mount Auctions

Heya! Real good friend of mine Dirtiran over on FA has been stuck with me the last three weeks (I know, the horror) due to car issues and she's finally gotten home. But for all her troubles and some awesome car debt she's got some art auctions up you can go bid one. Flower tiger : http://www.fu...
by Lulu Amore · 22/12/2017 23:35

YCH Auctions Live

Running three of these while I'm away for the weekend Creepy themed that wont be done in time for Halloween, but why should spooky stuff only be for one short time of hte year? There's a Haunted mirror, covered in blood and stitching themselves together to pick from. All auctions are starting a...
by Lulu Amore · 27/10/2017 05:27
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My birthday..... and more information! (Please Read This)

My birthday is coming up in 6 days! My birthday is on the 12th September 2017. So I can't wait. ________ I been finally accepted to take a Art and Design with foundation BA (Hons) course: I been finally accepted to a Art and Design with foundation BA (Hons) course; this is for four years. Anyway...
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 06/09/2017 12:19

Copper the Tusked Pup

I'm selling Copper, my tusked dog. I have to pay on student loans and am falling behind due to my shit job so I will be selling more adopts and some of my characters. Minimum price is $15. He comes with four pieces of art. Paypal only. Money payment only. Must PM me or email me to bid. Headshot...
by Ashley Pimms · 16/01/2017 19:19

January 2017's Commissions' slots and Auctions: (Open)

January 2017's Commissions' slots and Auctions: January 2017's commissions slots: There is 28 out of 28 slots for January 2017 are open. Also, the slots are corresponding to the day of the month. I mean slot 1 is 1 January. If that day pass and nobody claim the slot, it will be closed then, be...
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 01/01/2017 22:01
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Anyone want commission/auction/free/similar things art, music and other.....

Anyone want commission/auction/free/similar thing art, music and other similar things from me? *Commissions: I thinking about doing commissions from £1.00 (I think that price is suitable for my art, music and other similar thing.) and I will tried to it every month with each day are slots (for ex...
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 04/12/2016 23:55
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1 Month Art Slave Auction {OPEN}

For 1 month I will draw you anything you'd like! SFW and NSFW. EDIT: AUCTION ENDS 24 HOURS AFTER LAST BID! Starting Bid: $0.50 Auto Buy: $50.00 Rules: -MUST have Money on hand when bidding! -Can't back out! -Please reply to highest bidder.
by Kiera · 30/07/2016 05:39


see here for more info
by Marilyn. · 23/06/2016 19:18


Due to some stupid acts on my own accord i have a few court costs to take care of, im opening up commissions for sketches/lineart and colored drawings. I know its been a while since i was last active on the site here, this was due to an urgency in college and work overall, to those that commissio...
by ko_ · 09/03/2016 18:36

New to Furrific like many others!

Just thought I would try out this site since I have a couple friends here including Inferno and Acidhybrid. I'll probably only post newer art here rather than go through and pull everything worthwhile from my gallery. Check out my FurAffinity which is linked on my profile for more art, and curren...
by Lukewilk · 25/08/2015 05:24


Having a lovely little YCH auction that ends tomorrow! Check it out! :> If you like blacklights and unicorns, you cant go wrong. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17254918/ {http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17254918/}
by Dani · 06/08/2015 18:15