Commissions open soon~

Commissions slots is already open for my patreon suporters! They also have a little discount ;3[lb] [url=https://www
by Sunny_Way10 hours ago

馃尡100% Good. Sweet. now to...

[b]Part 1: Fox video done[/b][lb] The absolute last and final thing has been completed
by Uluri4 days ago

馃尡Xred has Commissions open

here is XRedMoon's Commissions announcement
by Uluri1 week ago

Consider donating what you can and able

Doesn't hurt a little bit of encouragement and chances are you will see/read more of what you've enjoyed from my gallery whenever I upload. You can donate any amount as well, even a dollar if you choose to. This encourages me to be inspired and realize how much you enjoy my content. I may also ta...
by RDK4 weeks ago

FLight Rising Sketch Headshot Commission

by Uluri1 month ago

STREAMING | Working on Commissions @ 12PM EST

Gonna be working on commissions!~ Come hang out![lb] [lb] [lb] STREAM STARTS @ 12 PM EST![lb] [lb] [url=https://picarto
by ReiRei1 month ago

Commissions are Closed.

I'm closing my commissions for now! Thank you for your interest
by Daaberlicious1 month ago

Commissions open: 4 sketch slots remain!

Please swing by to check out the status of my commissions![lb] Someone bought a sketch slot, but there are still four more![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious1 month ago


鈥硷笍MY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN鈥硷笍 Do keep in mind it鈥檚 SKETCHES ONLY! They鈥檙e most likely quick for me to do and yes, I will allow two characters in one drawing if you wish for it. They鈥檒l be full bodies, sketched, colored and shaded with one or two colors of background! Starting at 25$ for one chara...
by sexualdoggo1 month ago

Commissions closed indefinetaly

There doesn't seem to be a solution for this one. I've been plagued with eviction notices despite what I had tried and most likely will not keep my home for long. Commissions closed for now and might not bother to ever open such again whether happens. Thanks to those who asked for such. I still r...
by RDK1 month ago

Comissions sale 2020

Hello ladies and glentemen[lb] [lb] I need to make some urgent money (to pay taxes), for that reason I'm going to make a commission sale
by pablocomics1 month ago

STREAMIN! | First time in forEVER!~

Streaming for a bit tonight!~ I haven't streamed in so very long, but now that I'm a fulltime artist, I want to do like stream Wing-It's and stuff and schedule things and be a PROFESSIONAL >:De[lb] [lb] Anways heres the link! Working on commissions, currently painting! https://picarto
by ReiRei1 month ago

Commissions are now OPEN

Evictions have been halted for the time being but tenants still must pay rent until said order is lifted, so being I still have a place I call home my commissions are OPEN and you may PM me about making such to help out during these damning times. I cannot be picky about who would ask for what so...
by RDK1 month ago

馃尡In-Stream YCh Pumpkin Coms TOMORROW

Or if you can't make the stream, ORDER HERE: [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri1 month ago

Streaming PWYW coms | Twitch |

[align=center]_________________________________________[lb] Follow Me Here[lb] _________________________________________[lb] | [url=https://www
by DragonBoii781 month ago

Please vote on this poll on Twitter! To help me!~

I'm trying the fulltime artist thing! Commissions are now going to be my only source of income, so I need to figure out how to do this lmao [lb] I have a schedule in mind and will upload a calendar so y'all know what my schedule is, and one thing I want to start doing is like day-long sales for special commissions![lb] [lb] TL;DR here's a poll on Twitter helping me gauge interest! It takes just a few seconds y'all, even if I'm not your favorite artist, just voting will help me so much!~[lb] [lb] [url=https://twitter
by ReiRei1 month ago

Commissions closed!

Commissions closed![lb] Thanks everyone! 馃挅[lb] [lb] I'll respond to everyone tomorrow~
by Sunny_Way1 month ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way1 month ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] As in last time 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way1 month ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![/b][lb] [lb] As in last time 5-6 slots open![lb] Use my amazing Calculator and send all information about your idea![lb] [url=http://www
by Sunny_Way1 month ago


by Sunny_Way1 month ago
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Halting any works for the time being

Due to the current situations and the possible event of being evicted, something that I had tried hard to prevent without much success, I will try to finish and upload any works I am currently working on but will not do much after that, this includes commissions being halted for the time being as...
by RDK1 month ago

Commissions Open!

Hey everyone! I am hoping to take on some more commissions! I am currently working on one, but it should be completed here soon! Please message me with questions! [url=http://www
by HariKuran2 months ago

Commissions! Soon!

Commissions will be open soon![lb] But they are already open for my patreon supporters ;3[lb] [url=https://www
by Sunny_Way2 months ago

COMPUTER FIXED! / commissions reopened!

back to your regularly shecduled gay art! 鉂わ笍 instagram is still active! (@.thecartoonwolf)
by frillious2 months ago

Limited Commissions Open!

So, after MUCH deliberation, I have decided that I'm going to open for commissions again, officially. HOWEVER. I'm going to only be taking commissions that are interesting to me, either themes or characters... Or you're on my private list of folks I would take a commission from regardless. I...
by Snowhawk2 months ago

mailing list setup!

if you are interested in my ych/custom commission listings and want to receive email updates whenever there is a new one, please dm me your email address and preferred name and i will add you to my mailing list![lb] [lb] people on the mailing list may also receive exclusive discounts and early access to unique ychs in the future!! [url=http://www
by postponedmovies2 months ago

Commissions closed!

All slots taken and even more! Thanks everyone![lb] Commissions closed!
by Sunny_Way2 months ago


[b]COMMISSIONS OPEN!!![lb] [lb] [/b]So
by Sunny_Way2 months ago


I'M BACK ON THIS SITE and hopefully a few other sites that I abandoned for a bit Long story short, I had a really hard time with inspiration/motivation for art for a while, but I got better. Right now I'm trying to expand back out into all of my art sites again and post my backlog. I just moved o...
by odoke2 months ago

Comms open....

Commissions open
by Sunny_Way2 months ago

Commissions open?!

Commissions open?![lb] Nope! Not yet![lb] [lb] But I'll open few commission slots in first days of August
by Sunny_Way3 months ago

Donate what you can

I am still trying to get a flatbed scanner which is compatible with this stupid windows system and time is running out for me as it is. While other financial problems I will set aside I can state that chances are that I may lose my home thanks to the various problems we are facing with that pande...
by RDK3 months ago

Simplified Commission Pricing

Hey y'all, [lb] [lb] I've streamlined my commission prices
by Schadenfreude4 months ago

Digital comissions open

While I cannot do traditional work at the moment I can indeed work on digital ones. My flat rate is $20.00 for a single character overall at the moment to go on and gather enough to get me a flatbed scanner which is still available. If you are interested, do contact me in PMs. Support me on Ko-...
by RDK4 months ago

NEW Telegram channel!

Hello everyone! I just made a Telegram channel, there I'll be posting WIPs of my current works, commissions & announcements, unpublished art and more! Don't miss out if you want to be up to date with my work. See you there! - I also post about the same subjects on my s
by Nerscyra4 months ago

20% discount for all commissions

Just a note: our premium patrons receive a 20% discount for all commissions
by Xin Jin Meng4 months ago

Want me to write a story for you?

So I have not written many stories yet, but I greatly enjoy what I'm doing! What would of course help me massively would be for me to write stories for other people, meaning taking commissions. I know of course that, since I don't have much to show, people might prefer to go to more established ...
by Tirnanogtir4 months ago

Commission Prices

Want a commission? I've got you covered! Make sure you head on over to my Terms of Service {} first! I take payment via USD, Paypal invoice ONLY.Please do not offer me points. Monotone Sketch - $20 USD Quick and easy. Cha...
by dojerodesings4 months ago

Terms Of Service

Terms of Service By commissioning me, you are responsible for having read, understood, and agreed to my TOS. This TOS overrides and voids any client TOS. Terms of Service are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to review this even after you've purchased artwork from me. Howe...
by dojerodesings4 months ago

No Stream This Week BUT

Hey all! I wont be streaming on my weekly Thursday slot this week because I'm prepping for an event NEXT week, and I'll be streaming Thursday AND Friday and have special sales, etc so stay tuned for info coming soon!
by Temrin4 months ago

Commissions closed. Again.

Windows decided to be a dick and went on making another of their stupid "updates" which of course rendered some of the software I use useless, including that old scanner thing I have been able to use up to now. Of course there are programs to be able to use it indirectly, but I do not have the bu...
by RDK4 months ago

Commissions are OPEN

Check my profile for details.
by RDK4 months ago

Commissions on the back seat

Hello guys, if you commissioned me recently, I've got into a gig that's keeping me busy for the weekend, so just be a little patient that I'll get back to doing comms :)
by Feliscede5 months ago


PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL: Refer to this journal entry for my commission options, information, and prices. I will be updating this as time goes on, so check back for any changes. Please read through all of my rules carefully ...
by Schlund5 months ago

New Commission Site!

Just letting folks know I am thinking of using a new site to try and host my prices and examples! [lb] [lb] [url=https://fleurdelynx
by FleurDeLynx5 months ago

Commissions are OPEN - 10% off for first customer!

Hello, fellow furry friends~[lb] [lb] Decided to officially open up commissions, and to get things started with a boost, the first person who commissions something with me will get 10% off on the listed prices![lb] [lb] Please check here for my commission information: [url=https://pokemorphs
by Lunaris_Parukia5 months ago