馃尡Icon Commissions by Angel [Signal Boost]

Go Here: [url=https://www
by Uluri1 week ago

All Valentines YCHs Complete! <3

In case y'all weren't sure, I don't post holiday-specific/gift commissions until after the holiday, so as to not ruin the surprise if the giftee sees it before desired! But they are all on Trello for you to save![lb] [lb] https://trello
by ReiRei1 week ago

How to Commission Malachyte

Hello! As some of you know already, I am now back to being a full time artist, which means I am taking commissions regularly again. So if you're interested in commissioning me, here's how the process works! All commissions are handled through my Commiss.io {http://commiss.io} page. https://commi...
by Malachyte1 week ago


COMMISSIONS CLOSED![lb] Thanks everyone! I'll try to answer as soon as possible~
by Sunny_Way2 weeks ago

Commissions open! LAST HOURS

[b]Commissions open! (LAST HOURS)[/b][lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way2 weeks ago

Commissions open! Reminder!

Commissions open![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way2 weeks ago

Commissions open!

Commissions open![lb] [lb] Accepting your ideas till the 10th of February 21:00 (MSK)![lb] I'll answer to everyone after 10th of February, so no need to rush
by Sunny_Way2 weeks ago

Commissions open for the most part

My prices are $5.00 US dollars for 1 character done in pencils. Black and white. I do this because of the current situation I am going through and this is the fastest way I can finish work for anybody and get what I can to be prepared if things get even worse before getting any better. You can al...
by RDK2 weeks ago

New Submission Form and New Price Page!

Right now, it is only [url=https://spicedevilart
by Spice Devil3 weeks ago

Fanbox and commissions info

Help what you can, accepting donations and commissions- Pixiv Fanbox Link: https://rdk.fanbox.cc {https://rdk.fanbox.cc} Ko-Fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/iamrdk {https://ko-fi.com/iamrdk} Requests at the time being are as follows: $5.00 US dollars for single character in pencils. No limits on h...
by RDK3 weeks ago

Commissions open for the most part

Commissions are OPEN for the most part. 5 US dollars for a sketch of ONE character being the times I am living on and the fact that time itself has become dangerously limited on my end about it. PM me if you wish to contribute. You can send said commission payments or even support me if you are w...
by RDK4 weeks ago

馃尡Comic COMMISSIONS open

All info here: [url=https://www
by Uluri1 month ago

馃尡Opening comic coms Jan 25 9est

Tomorrow I will be accepting Comic Commission forms, January 25, 9am EST
by Uluri1 month ago

馃尡I think May Open for COmic Commissions soon

I've been thinking I would like to work on some [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri1 month ago

Commission Slots OPEN!

2 spots open for monthly telegram stickers /other commissions if you join before the end of Dec (PST) at https://www
by Temrin1 month ago

Commissions closed

Things had gotten for the worse and I had done all I could about preventing such from happening, but shit happens no matter how hard you try, even when you got time and resources to stop it from such. Anyway, commissions are now closed because I will not have time to do anything other than prepar...
by RDK2 months ago

A week from now!

So the Charity Commission Story Auction went well! We actually may have broken the record set by our first year
by TerinasTiger2 months ago

So.... I made a Mistake.

Hello there. Last year I accepted a commission, it was a $30 commission, of a character and a partner, doing the nasty, in two different poses. I was given some references and the desired poses. Fair enough. I was given permission to post the final drawings, the first one on my social media, an...
by sourpusscheers2 months ago

Commissions closed!

Commissions closed![lb] All slots taken! Thanks everyone!
by Sunny_Way2 months ago

coming out to parents - want to work more

ham's "prepare for the worst" commissions/donations post[lb] [lb] i apologize for this entry, but commissions still are my only source of income, and on top of that, i am finally going to come out to my parents next week[lb] [lb] [lb] even if our relationship has become strained over the years, they have still financially supported me when i needed it, and i am not expecting to have a good reaction with coming out, and for that reason i want to push for as much work as possible to add to our safety funds[lb] [lb] [lb] all my commissions are discounted for at least one more week for the holidays, to be finished before Christmas![lb] [lb] [lb] you can get a simple coloured sketch, or a tiny pixel sprite for as little as $5 (they work great as icons), or a fully painted two person piece with a pretty background for $35 with the ongoing sale - or anything in between[lb] [lb] [lb] i also have several ych templates that you can choose to have your ocs, characters or fanart in, going for 1 template for $30, 2 for $50, etc for fully shaded pictures with this sale[lb] [lb] [lb] if you can't afford a commission, you can donate as little as $1 to either my paypal or ko-fi - but if you do more than $5 i insist on drawing something for you!! i have never felt as good with making art as now, and i Love and want to create happy things for my friends whenever possible[lb] [lb] [lb] you can dm me here or on discord (somniari#9496) to set up your commission!![lb] [lb] [lb] paypal: [b][url=https://t
by postponedmovies2 months ago

Charity Story Commission 2020 Auction

Welcome back to my third year of auctioning off a story to the highest bidder![lb] In tandem with my [b]Stocking Stuffer[/b] event, every year I do this, selling a story to whatever passes for my customer base
by TerinasTiger2 months ago

馃巹 December Schedule up! 馃巹

The long awaited end of 2020 is upon us! lmao don't know why I had to say that so ominously (please dear god)[lb] [lb] Just posted my schedule for December, if you're interested in my YCH's, I'm trying out planning them in advance this time! Take a peek![lb] [lb] https://www
by ReiRei2 months ago

Commissions still open!

Commissions still open! Accepting Ideas till the 5th of December 21:00 (MSK)![lb] [lb] I'd prefer to accept more complex and difficult commissions
by Sunny_Way2 months ago

Commissions open!

[b]Commissions open![/b][lb] [lb] Spontaneous opening for 2-3 slots
by Sunny_Way2 months ago

Showing Off Other Artists

I know i haven't been posting much ( reasons im not sure if i should post about ) , but i'm working on some pieces[lb] I've been yeen crazy with Shindel tho and i wanted to share some images i commissioned ( i see no point in reposting the art -[lb] when i can give the artist attention directly by spreading the word )[lb] [lb] [lb] Pic 1 by axxxel https://www
by Metroxix3c3 months ago

馃尡I can NO LONGER accpet Point Commissions

DA has made it so that regular Deviants Will no longer be able to withdraw their earnings when using the commissions widget confirmed by this reply here: [url=https://www
by Uluri3 months ago

Stories commissions open!

I'm opening myself up for story commissions
by Alpha3 months ago

Commissions closed!

Thanks everyone! Commissions closed! ^^
by Sunny_Way3 months ago

Commissions open!

[b]Commissions open![/b][lb] [lb] So
by Sunny_Way3 months ago

Twitter 6K raffle

I've made one raffle/giveaway with a free commission as prize on my twitter because I've reached the 6000 followers mark
by pablocomics4 months ago

Commissions open soon~

Commissions slots is already open for my patreon suporters! They also have a little discount ;3[lb] [url=https://www
by Sunny_Way4 months ago

馃尡100% Good. Sweet. now to...

[b]Part 1: Fox video done[/b][lb] The absolute last and final thing has been completed
by Uluri4 months ago

馃尡Xred has Commissions open

here is XRedMoon's Commissions announcement
by Uluri4 months ago

Consider donating what you can and able

Doesn't hurt a little bit of encouragement and chances are you will see/read more of what you've enjoyed from my gallery whenever I upload. You can donate any amount as well, even a dollar if you choose to. This encourages me to be inspired and realize how much you enjoy my content. I may also ta...
by RDK5 months ago

FLight Rising Sketch Headshot Commission

by Uluri5 months ago

STREAMING | Working on Commissions @ 12PM EST

Gonna be working on commissions!~ Come hang out![lb] [lb] [lb] STREAM STARTS @ 12 PM EST![lb] [lb] [url=https://picarto
by ReiRei5 months ago

Commissions are Closed.

I'm closing my commissions for now! Thank you for your interest
by Daaberlicious5 months ago

Commissions open: 4 sketch slots remain!

Please swing by to check out the status of my commissions![lb] Someone bought a sketch slot, but there are still four more![lb] https://www
by Daaberlicious5 months ago


鈥硷笍MY COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN鈥硷笍 Do keep in mind it鈥檚 SKETCHES ONLY! They鈥檙e most likely quick for me to do and yes, I will allow two characters in one drawing if you wish for it. They鈥檒l be full bodies, sketched, colored and shaded with one or two colors of background! Starting at 25$ for one chara...
by sexualdoggo5 months ago

Commissions closed indefinetaly

There doesn't seem to be a solution for this one. I've been plagued with eviction notices despite what I had tried and most likely will not keep my home for long. Commissions closed for now and might not bother to ever open such again whether happens. Thanks to those who asked for such. I still r...
by RDK5 months ago

Comissions sale 2020

Hello ladies and glentemen[lb] [lb] I need to make some urgent money (to pay taxes), for that reason I'm going to make a commission sale
by pablocomics5 months ago

STREAMIN! | First time in forEVER!~

Streaming for a bit tonight!~ I haven't streamed in so very long, but now that I'm a fulltime artist, I want to do like stream Wing-It's and stuff and schedule things and be a PROFESSIONAL >:De[lb] [lb] Anways heres the link! Working on commissions, currently painting! https://picarto
by ReiRei5 months ago

Commissions are now OPEN

Evictions have been halted for the time being but tenants still must pay rent until said order is lifted, so being I still have a place I call home my commissions are OPEN and you may PM me about making such to help out during these damning times. I cannot be picky about who would ask for what so...
by RDK5 months ago

馃尡In-Stream YCh Pumpkin Coms TOMORROW

Or if you can't make the stream, ORDER HERE: [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri5 months ago

Streaming PWYW coms | Twitch |

[align=center]_________________________________________[lb] Follow Me Here[lb] _________________________________________[lb] | [url=https://www
by DragonBoii785 months ago

Please vote on this poll on Twitter! To help me!~

I'm trying the fulltime artist thing! Commissions are now going to be my only source of income, so I need to figure out how to do this lmao [lb] I have a schedule in mind and will upload a calendar so y'all know what my schedule is, and one thing I want to start doing is like day-long sales for special commissions![lb] [lb] TL;DR here's a poll on Twitter helping me gauge interest! It takes just a few seconds y'all, even if I'm not your favorite artist, just voting will help me so much!~[lb] [lb] [url=https://twitter
by ReiRei5 months ago

Commissions closed!

Commissions closed![lb] Thanks everyone! 馃挅[lb] [lb] I'll respond to everyone tomorrow~
by Sunny_Way5 months ago