Commissions closed until Sept!

by Nsyse · 4 days ago

IN STREAM commissions open!

[code][u][b]STREAM ONLINE! Now - 10pm est[/b][/u][lb] [url]http://picarto
by Jasmae · 2 weeks ago

Drako's Art Contest - August 2019

Drako's Art Contest - August 2019 The latest winner is: Commission: Envy - {} by fenrir74 - {} Now for this mon...
by Drako Swiftclaw · 2 weeks ago

One Comm

I'm taking one $10 sketch commission so that I can eat today while streaming
by Hileksel · 3 weeks ago

Stream - Get a commission!

by Jasmae · 4 weeks ago

Commission Update

[align=center]╭━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╮[lb] ・。・゜Follow Me Here ゜・。・[lb] ╰━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━╯[lb] [url=http://www
by DragonBoii78 · 1 month ago

tarot and rune readings

on the advice of a friend I will now take Tarot and rune reading commissions. paypal me $20 and you can either ask me the question or see what the cards have to say. I work 40+ outside in 90+ heat, and it's a hour drive there and back each day, so it might take a couple days to do your reading. P...
by straycat_74 · 1 month ago

Umeko Soda Lynx Adopts for Partial Fursuit

by wolfymewmew · 1 month ago

Auction and small Anouncemnt

An NSFW YCH going here [url=http://www
by Spice Devil · 1 month ago

My New Art Que / To Do List

by wolfymewmew · 1 month ago

⚡ Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST

[color=#1abc9c][b]Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST[/b][/color]http://picarto
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

Pixelart commission discount!

Hello! Dropped most of my classes this semester so I have a lot of free time I wanna fill up with trades or commissions
by Nsyse · 1 month ago


[b]I am [u]only[/u] taking IN-STREAM COMMISSIONS until further notice
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

Commission Stream Tonight

[b][i]Commission Stream Tonight[/i][/b] [i][b]@ 3:30pm - 8:30pm EST[/b][/i][lb] 4 slots for your choice of [u]sketches[/u], [u]shaded sketches[/u], [u]colored sketches[/u]![lb] http://picarto
by Jasmae · 1 month ago

Fully Detailed Scene Commission (2 slots)

Opened up for two full scene commissions
by Mosa · 2 months ago

Terms of Service 2019

The Following are my Terms of Service when you agree to commission me
by tofubread · 2 months ago


by Spice Devil · 3 months ago
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For the price of a flat - $50, get a shaded piece (normally $85)[lb] [lb] Email [email]jasmaeart@gmail
by Jasmae · 3 months ago

Commissions Are Open:

I'm open for commissions! (SFW and NSFW) Commission Price Sheet I will do my best to details what I can and won't draw: What I can draw: Furry Art (anthro) Humans/Humanoids/Human looking robots Ponies Straight/Gay/etc Size differences Transformations Gender Bending What I won’t draw: Gore/Sca...
by Wolfbaloo · 3 months ago

TY + Stream Tomorrow!

Thank you all who came to my stream to watch and/or commission me <3[lb] I super appreciate it! And I was sooo close to my goal! There was no raffle, but I plan to stream tomorrow and as long as I get any amount of coms, I'll do a raffle at the end of the stream![lb] [lb] 4-10pm EST Commission Stream Saturday May 4th[lb] CINCO DE MAYO THEMES ARE 10% OFF[lb] See you then! <333
by Jasmae · 3 months ago


Hiya all,[lb] [lb] Commissions are open for a limited time! I'm looking to fill 5 slots
by Zin Stone · 3 months ago

Live Streams

I am currently live @ {}
by Filix · 4 months ago

Important note to commissioners!

[b]I do NOT draw poke sonas and the like
by Jasmae · 4 months ago

YCH Claimed

Just a blanket notice across sites that the Butterfly Bath YCH has been claimed
by Jasmae · 4 months ago

May be taking a break soon

Just to say to my friends and those who may be interested, I will take a break on commissions, trades and the like for a while
by adagadeprata · 4 months ago

Commissions are now permanently Open!

Alriiiiiiight, I believe all my websites have my info updated
by Miss Rina · 4 months ago

Found some old YCHs

Forgot I had some ofthese laying around
by FleurDeLynx · 5 months ago

Open for commissions!

Hello everyone! [lb] [lb] I've finished my little break so commissions are open! [lb] [lb] Please contact me via telegram: @schadenfreudeart [lb] Discord schadenfreude#4141 [lb] or email schadenfreudeart@gmail
by Schadenfreude · 6 months ago

Commissions! Ychs! and Valentine specials!

[align=center][b]I am currently open for commissions![/b][/align][lb] Hello! At this current moment I'm doing a valentine special that will last the month of February! Get 10% off all valentine day related commission! This applies even after valentines day![lb] Also I have some flat rate YCH head shots that should be posting soon so keep an eye out for those! If your interested please contact me either on discord, notes or email, my information is below
by Chitafokkusu · 6 months ago

VancouFur Badge Preorders OPEN!

More VancouFur badge slots are open! You have a week to submit your forms at https://form
by Temrin · 6 months ago
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☆ Commissions are OPEN!

☆ [u][b]COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN![/b][/u][lb] [lb] Vday & Anti Vday Icons[lb] [url=http://drive
by Jasmae · 6 months ago

Commissions OPEN!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! I'm making this journal as an official, clear means to indicate my comms are open and slots are waitin' to be filled; (please note, turnaround is based on an empty queue; if your card is in my Trello's 'Doing' column, expect completion time to be as stated her...
by Jasper · 7 months ago

VancouFur 2019 Badges

1 slot left at {/Temrin/view/152870?search=0LsgqlzJgi7Mly5t-0bhtmHA7Zw~0}
by Temrin · 7 months ago

Sick birdy...

Just when things were back on track
by Prydri · 7 months ago

YCH reminder and stream sketches~

FA's back up >u> [lb] Got this here cute springy YCH: http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 7 months ago

Commissions status: OPEN

COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED Regular commissions {} + Reference sheets {} + Comic Commissions {} Commissions Policy {}
by Vilani Vilá · 7 months ago

Regular commissions

- A full colored picture starts with sketch -> Ink -> Colors - I will only accept two pictures per commissioner. Prices (per ONE PERSON) - Sketch {}: 20$ - Ink {
by Vilani Vilá · 7 months ago

Reference sheets

- A reference sheet starts with sketch -> Ink -> Colors - I will only accept two pictures per commissioner. - As I draw everything on paper, I cannot draw multiples of the same picture (for example, one nude and one clothed). That would mean I'd have to draw the picture twice. Basic reference sh...
by Vilani Vilá · 7 months ago

Comic Commissions

- Comics are made on A4 pages and they may have as many panels as you wish as long it fits (remember: more panels, less detail). - A full coloured comic starts with sketch -> Ink -> Flat Colouring -> Detailed colours - I will only accept comics around 30 pages or less. Prices - Sketch {http://w...
by Vilani Vilá · 7 months ago

Commissions Policy

All new changes to the Policy are in bold and italic. Content - I draw humans, animals or anthros (Furries) and sex themes. - I draw fanart, however, make sure you authorization to use someone else’s character. - I will not draw rape, scat, cubs in pain/discomfort - I do not take requests to dra...
by Vilani Vilá · 7 months ago

Bills to Pay, Mouths to Feed COMMISSION SALE

I hate doing this, because I like to think I'm okay with my money, but things are dire
by Belle · 7 months ago

YCH reminder!

One day left for the spring ychs! [lb] http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 7 months ago

YCH Reminder~ Bring on spring <3

Group YCH: http://www
by StrawberryCucumber · 7 months ago

Streaming soon~

Working owed commissions and prolly an oc ref or stream screen! Who knows~ What a great mysteryy!~~~ lol https://picarto
by StrawberryCucumber · 7 months ago

Spring YCHs~~ (Price drop on group ych!)

YCH Reminder: I miss spring! (Well
by StrawberryCucumber · 7 months ago

Mountain Recluse: Prelude to Stocking Stuffer 2018

This is a general post letting people know that for the next week, with a few rare exceptions (Namingly checking in with the people on my Charity Story Commission project and a few people I'm collabing with) I will be severing all online activity whatsoever for the next week
by TerinasTiger · 8 months ago
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Student Loans and Commissions

I'll just cut to the case: I graduated in the spring and have been working since the start of October. However, the company I'm working for is a startup and due to the situation, none us us have been paid so far. Last month the grace period on my student loans also expired, the monthly payments ...
by ClockworkWolf · 8 months ago

$8 Sketch Commissions (Open)

Opening up for these again! Any Gender. Any Species Comment with ref to claim!~ Tos here: {} Examples: Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catbuse Submission by Verbal_Catb...
by Verbal.Catbuse · 9 months ago