I've updated my website and prices! Check it out!

[align=center]Hello everyone![lb] [lb] [lb] I have updated my website along with my prices! My website is now more stream-lined and less cluttered than previously, the prices are also easier to see under each example
by Isca1 week ago

RE:2 Stream Postponed

Hi everybody, how goes?[lb] [lb] I'm feeling a bit under the weather and behind on work, so I'm going to postpone the $800 milestone stream tonight to help lighten the load a bit
by Malachyte1 month ago

Surgery is fully funded!

Excellent news, everybody; the fundraising goal for Jelly's surgery has been met![lb] [lb] We hit it Friday, during my "Sour OC Question" stream, and yesterday I was finally able to call the vet clinic and confirm the appointment
by Malachyte1 month ago

馃尡I'll be streaming A lot This Week

I'll be streaming a lot this coming week and further as I have a Facerig Project to work on for this month
by Uluri5 months ago

Stream Planned Tomorrow 9am est

Art STream Planned TOMORROW 9am EST
by Uluri9 months ago

Thanks for Joining today! TuT Sorry for Crash

Thank you for joining me during my Minecraft Stream today on [url=http://www
by Uluri11 months ago

NEWS: Minecraft Stream Thursday

My Youtube: [u][url=http://www
by Uluri11 months ago

Comm Open and Stream

Hoi, I'm open for comms, and am especially looking to do more (TG)TF stuff
by Hileksel11 months ago

Minecraft STream NEXT WEEK

My Youtube: [url=http://www
by Uluri11 months ago

Yo yo Yo!

I forgot what I was gonna say :'D Oh yeh, I am thinking about jump from Picarto to Piczel finally, like permannent The chat is better, I can multistream and even save the streams! feels more like twitch Also tlaking about that, I am "technically" open for multistreams :'D and talking about that, ...
by Elmont16/05/2021 21:15

LAST DAY of CozyCon Online - SALES!

Last day of CozyCon Online is here! No stream today but you can still get 20-50% off Etsy and Gumroad which has stickers, zines/books, blacklight reactive charms, badges, magnets, high res art bundles and much more! This includes Canvas Swap Zine content as well! (Check thread fo details!)[lb] [lb] Some items only have a few left in stock and wont be re-ordered and some have partial proceeds going to charity![lb] [lb] Use code "CCO2021" for 20-50% off your entire order on[lb] Etsy: https://wildelementstudios
by Temrin16/05/2021 16:28

CozyCon Starts NOW! Coms OPEN!

Day 1 of CozyCon Online starts now![lb] [lb] [lb] [lb] Streaming in 2 hours (12pm PDT), commissions for the weekend streams are open, Etsy and Gumroad are 20-50% off with code CCO2021 and I'm hosting panels/events (SFW & NSFW!)[lb] [lb] [lb] [lb] Check out all the info and schedules at [url=https://wildelementstudios
by Temrin14/05/2021 17:01

Commissions/Streams & Life Update!

Hello everyone! I've been absent online for a chunk of time, and I'm ready to give out an update
by Malachyte08/05/2021 20:10

馃尡Thx for Joining the Freebie STream

Thank you so much for Joining the Freebie Stream for this Month! It was a nice and Casual stream, and I was able to pick out quite a few OCs to draw from the various artsites I reside
by Uluri01/05/2021 15:59

馃尡 Free Art Tomorrow + Stream

[b]Tomorrow[/b] I will be posting up an Artwork asking for Ref Drops for Sketches to the Public ( [url=https://www
by Uluri30/04/2021 12:50

馃尡Yeaaaahh! I did a thing!

:3 I rigged my own 2D avatar for streaming
by Uluri23/04/2021 22:47


https://picarto.tv/SpringMouseScribbles {https://picarto.tv/SpringMouseScribbles} ALWAYS Europe'S Time of course x3
by MrSpringcore09/04/2021 20:27

馃尡Last Doodle Upload DAy! And POLL

[b]April Fools Doodles[/b][lb] Today is the final day I am posting up the April Fools day Stream Doodles
by Uluri04/04/2021 12:39

馃尡Will Stream this Afternoon! MORE free stuff

Thank you for joining the Morning April Fools stream! I will also be streaming later this afternoon as well to make even more Masterpieces! Right now we got a Total of 14 amazing works, and I can't wait to share them Today and tomorrow and probably the next day as well because I plan to doodle even more
by Uluri01/04/2021 15:13

馃尡Upcoming Stream APriL 1st

The day is slowly closing in
by Uluri29/03/2021 12:44

馃尡;) I have a Stupid Stream coming up for April

You know what day it's gonna be
by Uluri24/03/2021 18:51

Comms Open!

All my prices are here: https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/thehil/ {https://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/thehil/} As of writing this, I am streaming @ https://picarto.tv/Hileksel {https://picarto.tv/Hileksel} and https://piczel.tv/watch/Hileksel {https://piczel.tv/watch/Hileksel} and I ...
by Hileksel13/03/2021 11:04

Jelly Status

It's cat update time again![lb] [lb] First off, thank you again for the HUGE amount of support you all gave for me and my sweet little Jelly boy during the fundraising stream last weekend
by Malachyte27/02/2021 00:15

Goal Met!!

Finished streaming! Just a paltry 9
by Malachyte21/02/2021 05:05

Cat Surgery Stream Info!

TL;DR My cat has a lump and it's gotta go![lb] [url=https://streamlabs
by Malachyte20/02/2021 17:42

Makeup Wing-Its Stream Thurs or Fri!

Im going to do a makeup stream for tonight, since I left for so long >
by ReiRei18/02/2021 01:58

For people who were at my stream!

I didn't end it without saying anything, OBS had an issue and just stopped streaming??? Without saying anything??? So thats cool
by ReiRei24/01/2021 23:15

For those who were at my stream tonight, sorry!!

Ahhh I just want to say I'm so so sorry I left for so long!!! >
by ReiRei24/12/2020 01:40

Zootopia for TV

So Disney announced that they will be releasing a bunch of new series on their streaming service including a Zootopia series. Well that was to be expected (I am still not sure why Wreck It Ralph wasn't nominated as well being that Pixar is pitching in,) but what its surely expected is the countle...
by RDK11/12/2020 14:47

馃巹 December Schedule up! 馃巹

The long awaited end of 2020 is upon us! lmao don't know why I had to say that so ominously (please dear god)[lb] [lb] Just posted my schedule for December, if you're interested in my YCH's, I'm trying out planning them in advance this time! Take a peek![lb] [lb] https://www
by ReiRei06/12/2020 18:14

Fox Series: More Stream later

Will stream fox series again Later
by Uluri11/10/2020 15:02

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

Streaming [url=https://picarto
by Xin Jin Meng11/10/2020 00:01


Streaming from an undisclosed location
by Xin Jin Meng04/10/2020 19:39

STREAMING | Working on Commissions @ 12PM EST

Gonna be working on commissions!~ Come hang out![lb] [lb] [lb] STREAM STARTS @ 12 PM EST![lb] [lb] [url=https://picarto
by ReiRei23/09/2020 14:42

https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng Art Stream

I must be wicked, for I get no rest
by Xin Jin Meng22/09/2020 00:56

https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng Art Stream

Hello, my friend, are you visible today
by Xin Jin Meng21/09/2020 00:55

https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng Art Stream

Secrets of 2020, revealed
by Xin Jin Meng20/09/2020 01:41

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

We are now streaming from a remote, undisclosed location 馃敟馃樂鈽
by Xin Jin Meng15/09/2020 00:03

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

We are now streaming from a remote, undisclosed location 馃敟馃樂鈽
by Xin Jin Meng13/09/2020 01:06

STREAMIN! | First time in forEVER!~

Streaming for a bit tonight!~ I haven't streamed in so very long, but now that I'm a fulltime artist, I want to do like stream Wing-It's and stuff and schedule things and be a PROFESSIONAL >:De[lb] [lb] Anways heres the link! Working on commissions, currently painting! https://picarto
by ReiRei10/09/2020 20:48

馃尡In-Stream YCh Pumpkin Coms TOMORROW

Or if you can't make the stream, ORDER HERE: [url=https://ulurifox
by Uluri08/09/2020 01:08

Streaming PWYW coms | Twitch |

[align=center]_________________________________________[lb] Follow Me Here[lb] _________________________________________[lb] | [url=https://www
by DragonBoii7805/09/2020 00:26

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

Working through the queue 馃獞
by Xin Jin Meng04/09/2020 22:14

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

It's time for art
by Xin Jin Meng04/09/2020 01:48

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng 馃敒 #nsfw

You let me complicate you
by Xin Jin Meng08/08/2020 03:14

Streaming https://picarto.tv/xinjinmeng

鈾 Yummy yummy yummy, I have streaming media in my tummy
by Xin Jin Meng30/07/2020 03:10


In the beginning is the future, and the future is at hand
by Xin Jin Meng29/07/2020 02:40